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Cruise Control Didn't Disengage!

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    I recently had a near wreck when my cruise control failed to disengage while I was exiting the freeway. I was forced to shut the car off and ebrake to a stop. Has anyone else had this issue or heard of some else having this issue with their TC? Toyota said no computer error was registered for the cruise control and that nothing seemed to be wrong.
    That's pretty crazy, I've never heard if that before though. How fast were you going? I don't use cruise control a lot, but when I do I feel like I have been able to slow down with the cruise control on..
    I had it set at 70mph so seeing as there wasn't much time to spare I shut the car off, at that point my brakes went to the floor. My only option was the ebrake and thank god the off ramp was empty and there was no traffic as I drifted around the corner of the intersection. I had one other person with a tc say it happened to them on the way to Vegas and they were forced off the road to avoid hitting cars.
    That sounds intense, like it should have been in a movie or something haha jk. But yeah, I've never heard of that before!
    the only way I am thinking this could happen is if the brake light switch wasn't working on the brake pedal. The computer wouldn't see that signal and boom! no way to cancel cruise. It would turn off if you hit the on-off switch on cruise. You might want to check your brake light switch on your brake pedal. I had a bad one before that Scion under warranty replaced back in the day.
    Next time , throw it into Neutral. That way you still have power steering and your brakes.
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