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Wrecked the 05 tC :(

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    Well yesterday a 17 yr old kid cut me off at a light in heavy traffic and eliminated my stoping room causing me to rear end his hitch ball... Kid apologized saying it looked clear and he didnt know traffic was stopped. now he wont respond to insurance and his mom says shes getting an attorney and wont even let either insurance get a statement ? this will be a long drawn out deal... Kid still has intermediate license also wasnt his truck it was his mothers -___- Estimates are around 3900$ wonder if theyll total it.

    Man that sucks . Hope it ends well .
    Good luck !
    Depending on your mileage, I'd say your car is worth significantly more then $3900. Doubtful they'll total it, especially since it's just cosmetic damage and your bumper guard just needs to be bent.
    Nope, you're fine. The estimated price of a tC from the year 2005 is higher than that much damage. The car insurance company only totals your car if the damage exceeds the cars total overall value. Only the front is bent in and seems you just need a new front bumper.
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    The insurance totals the vehicle after the damage exceeds 3/4 of the total value of the car. My old tC bluebooks at 16,300 and the insurance totaled it for 13,900 in damage. I still think yours should be fine though. It looks like you just need a new front bumper cover, fix that bumper guard, maybe a new radiator. They will give you the option of totaling it or giving you what they are willing to pay for the damages for you to fix it your self, and I feel like you could fix it all yourself for like 2,000 if you wanted to.
    • Edited 1 times, last by Frustratez on .
    man still fighting with insurance... kids parents wouldnt let him talk until few days ago.. kid tells my insurance he did do a lane transfer. but tells his insurance he didnt (after mommy and daddy had got involved) My insurance is saying theyll cover 30% meaning they arent paying unless I file a claim for my self. Ive looked into some parts.

    Absorber, Beam, Condenser, Radiator, and of course a bumper.. no where close to a 3800$ check. Not hard to replace those things. Would it be crooked of me to upgrade the car (if there insurance pays me)lol.

    If I have to take the hit my insurance is 1000$ deductible ahhhh.
    I understand the kid F'd up and his parents are trying to cover his ass, but still.. not fair. That's why they shouldn't give license to people under 18.
    Hope you win, buddy.
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    Limmel wrote:
    I understand the kid F'd up and his parents are trying to cover his ass, but still.. not fair. That's why they shouldn't give license to people under 18.
    Hope you win, buddy.

    Called today.. lady tells me there almost done with investigation.. she tells me from the pics she seen I hit him dead on in the middle and tore his tag and tailgate up... My car cant even reach his tailgate! and his tag is inside the bumper cut out WITH RUST!! its an old hit.. My point is if the parents and kid lie about that why wouldnt they be lieing about the whole wreck! on top of all that the lady says she never even seen a pic of my car. How the hell can she do an investigation and not even see my car lmao.. people man.

    yeah that's insurance for ya, they don't want to pay anything! i've been down this road before with insurance. What you need to do is tell them unless they're willing to pay for your damages you'll have to talk to your attorney. I've done that before and they really stopped the games. But I would say you talk to an attorney (consultations are usually free) and discuss that with someone that deals in auto accidents. I think it would be worth that at least to see what you can do to "move this along". Funny isn't it? The threat of a lawsuit always solves things quickly, than without one.
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