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school Parking lot w/ rich kids

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    So I got into an accident with a 2013 Audi a4. I was reversing out of a spot after school and it was clear as there were people waiting for me to back out. I begin to back out of my spot but there was an opening behind me and some kid going very fast comes through it thinking he could make it through the hole of my pack bumper and the curb. He ends up almost getting through but I didn't see him behind me and I backed into his back left bumper after he turned the corner and went over the curb.He got out of his car and immediately starts yelling about how it was my fault since I was the one not looking(I know it's typically the person backing out of the spots fault) even though I was looking completely. While he's trying to pin it all on me I get pictures of my damage and his damage(including what seemed to be another dent that didn't have to do with me)and I asked for his insurance and got his plates and everything but his dl# because I'm an idiot.I'm 17 and this was my first accident.I told my father and he said he'd take care care of it and call my Insurance(I pay for everything with the car insurance,payment,gas and all.)and get it sorted this going to be my fault?what can I do with the fact that he didn't get any of my info to the point where he doesn't even have my name?
    Sound like he was showing off in the parking lot. For him to hop a curb he must of been going too fast. You technically have the right of way when your 3/4 of the way out. Next time just call the police let them do a report. Probably would of been in your favor. Depending on how far away from the initial hit he was.
    Well good luck anyways
    Yeah accidents like these are tricky, it really depends on the insurance investigator, they seem who is at fault and who is not at fault in situations like this. Goodluck, because if you are deemed to be at fault, your insurance is gonna get pretty high.. (I think mine went up to 220/month where I live after my first accident) Congrats on paying for your car and everything on your own though! Not too many of us younger people who buy their own cars anymore
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