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Is It Totaled?

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    I got into a wreck Saturday night, the driver "fell asleep" and flipped in front of me on the highway. I was able to turn last second and slam into them on my drivers side. My car is an 05 with 102k miles. Do you guys think it's totaled? I'm waiting on insurance to get back to me but I want to know!
    looks like it to me.
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    Sadly yes, it is totaled... Good thing is, the car kept you safe dude cheers!

    Well that also depends if the chasis got damaged badly.
    It's most likely totaled, sorry to hear about it. But happy to hear you are ok That's what's most important. From all the crashes over the years with the tC everyone has walked away, except one person who was speeding, that guy was reckless driving! I know of another tC owner who ended up in an accident, the car flipped a couple times, hit a tree! The sunroof wasn't even shattered! cracked, but didn't shatter! When the paramedics arrive, he was already out of the car, they thought he was in shock because the car was a mess! The door still opened! sure he ended up with a broken rib but that's it! amazing engineering they put into our car!
    I agree^ our cars are made to take crashes it seems. I totaled my first tC going 75 on the freeway and spun 540 degrees and hit a guard rail and fell into a small ditch and Both myself and my passenger were completely fine. It sucks your car was totaled and it wasn't your fault at all, but Kurt be glad you are okay.
    Thanks guys. They deff built these cars to take a beating for sure. I had cruise control on and was unable to even hit the brakes or turn cruise control off and I piled into a SUV underside as it was nearly stopped. I would've been okay but the driver side mirror came through the window (shattered it) and hit me in the face and broke my nose, eye socket, knocked a tooth back and through my lip, cut my eye, and required some stitches. My wife was in the passenger seat and was perfectly fine. I was surprised with how well the frame/shell held up taking a hit that hard.
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    You broke your eye socket and your worried about your car being totaled?! I'm sorry to hear that man I hope it all heals fast! That's insane!
    damn good to know that you were able to walk away considering he circumstances. I say everyone will agree with each other on it being totaled. For real though everytime I look at the pics it makes me want to grind my teeth.
    Thanks for the well wishes! Haha, I am only worried about it because I feel like I'd have a nightmare every time I had to drive it, after what happened in the accident. I literally had the police, paramedics, doctor, towing people, etc... all tell me multiple times how lucky we were. I couldn't imagine if I had been in my old civic... Thankfully the other driver had insurance and they're covering everything, including a very steep medical bill...

    She was my baby though and I took good care of her… Will deff miss her.
    Damn you took a bad beating man... An eye socket and a tooth? Man you might need braces for awhile man... So sorry to hear about you and your car. Been in 2 crashes myself and have broken multiple bones and I cringe to hear what happened to you... RIP to your car. At least you and your passenger are safe. Time for an upgrade? If I were you I'd get the 2011-2013 tC not the 2014 one. I know you will be compensated for everything. You'll have a lot of extra money in your pocket trust me. It was their fault and you have multiple injuries + totaled car + hurt passenger. You're gonna get a nice paycheck man haha.
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