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Something's not right.....

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    So I had an oil leak and it ended up being my front crank seal. To get to that, you have to take the crank pulley off. Soo.....

    Took me 4 hours and a little bit of help to take this off. WHY you ask?

    so... lesson learned.... if somebody else installs something for you... make sure they do it right.... OEM pulley is back on. Just glad I'm not bleeding oil anymore
    wow... i have never seen that before. how does someone misalign a key? never have that person work on your car again. sorry for the headache this must've been for you.
    holy crap so happy it wasnt worse. yea that dude should never be near a car again. glad all is well though.
    Talk about getting F**Ked over....
    This is why I started to do my Own stuff.
    And If I don't have the means to I sure as heck will try to find a way.

    D@mn Shame.
    I bought it from him and he wanted to be nice and install it. It was wobbly the first night so I went back the next day and instead of taking it off to double check his work, he took a stronger impact gun to it and forced it in.
    I'm a little worried about my harmonic balancer now as the pulley has been on for almost 2 years. So far she's running smoother and idling better with the OEM.
    Holy crap what did he do beat the hell out of it with a hammer.. LOL.. How do you mess this up, It's aloted by keys to slide in.. Man that guy would never touch my stuff EVER...

    Hopefully nothing else comes up bad..
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