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Speeding Tickets----How To Reduce Your Chance of Getting One

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    Also see this thread: Speeding Myths

    This thread has some common sense approaches that most of you already know, but could be useful for others. No matter what part of the country, you can follow some basic guidelines that will allow you to avoid falling into the trap.

    Don't rely on your detector alone, they can come in handy for radar, but more and more law enforcement agencies are using laser and by the time your detector will find a laser hit, it's often too late.

    Guideline #1----The Highway Overpass

    The most common place where you will find an officer running laser is under a highway overpass, the reason is the urban landscape provides shade and a vehicle parked behind a concrete support beam is often harder to see. In some states, an officer will stand on the actual highway above to point their laser. Reduce you speed when approaching a highway overpass.

    Guideline #2----The Moving Pack

    Don't think you are safe because everyone else around you is speeding, you can easily be singled out and there is nothing you can do about it. Often times you will see other vehicles ahead breaking at the same time, this is your clue of some kind of obstacle or police vehicle being spotted.

    Rule--Don't----Don't get into habit of blasting past a vehicle just because they have let off their gas. The car in front of you may have spotted something you didn't see and is reducing their speed in preparation. Because you've exceeded the speed limit to pass, you can and will be cited.

    Instead---Use the moving pack to your advantage by keeping a distance from a crowd of speeders and tailgaters. Keep an eye when they brake hard, that's your clue for something being on the road ahead.

    Guideline #3-----The Decoy

    This next one is tricky and illegal, it's also next to impossible to prove, but it's been done and I've known officers that use the lowdown decoy trick.

    How it works----A plain civilian car stays in contact with his officer buddy via cell phone and simply sharks the highway. This person will speed and isn't caught because his friend is the only one setup on patrol. They will egg you on to speed, match your speed in attempt to move you just a little bit faster. When you're too busy looking at the jerk egging you on, you are already tagged by the officer on patrol.

    How To Avoid The Decoy----Keep an eye out for vehicles cruising at speed limit, but suddenly come up to your side or bumper. They will gas a little faster and let off their gas all in an attempt to test you. If you notice the person in your rear view mirror has suddenly speed up to get behind you, be cautious, especially if they are on their cell phone or click to talk.

    Guideline #4----The Lonely Traveler

    You were riding with the traffic and suddenly you are all alone cruising all by your lonesome. Since you have the road to yourself, this is the perfect time to go faster right? Wrong. Often times being the sole car on the road leaves you to be the only target on the road and since often drivers are so wrapped up in their favorite song or conversation, they are not paying attention to speed. If you find yourself alone use your cruise control. Cruise control is perfect for making sure your speed does not fluctuate and it saves you gas by using only fuel when needed. Use it.

    Guideline #5----Know Your Area

    If you don't know the area, it's often difficult to know where an officer has their favorite spots. In either situation, make use of all the guidelines listed above.

    The Best Guideline----DON'T SPEED!!

    That's a given right? You'll always find yourself in a situation saying, "whoa, I didn't see that cop right there, good thing I wasn't speeding!" We don't always pay attention and this is what causes us to be caught.

    If you know of a speed trap in your area, you can use this thread:

    Speed Trap Thread

    please keep this thread on topic, off topic remarks will be removed
    excellent points mike. and knowing many police officers, and wanting to be one myself, i can attest to these guidelines
    Or just go speed limit... its not that hard to follow the law.
    Nicely done Orin :]. Although I think there are a few grammatical errors, its flawless :]. I'm going to be "cruising" down the highway now. Hahaha.. Okay bad joke :]
    EvilMonkey wrote:
    Or just go speed limit... its not that hard to follow the law.

    cant do that, didnt you know we drive racecars?
    EvilMonkey wrote:
    Or just don't get cought....

    Fixed. lol
    haha too funny
    Best tip EVER.

    STOP DRIVING A BRIGHT COLORED CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know people who have painted their car Kawasaki Green and then have the nerve to bitch about "the cops are always after me"..... Your car is LOOK AT ME GREEN of course people will notice you more than if it was a neutral color....

    Good info...ive had alot of those cars that egg me on to race..but im like meh...w.e ur cars fast thats cool..didnt think theyd do that..
    Heh, Ive never heard of the "decoy" before. I just stoped racing any type of charger, crown vic, impalla, & a few others lol
    2low2tow_Si wrote:
    Heh, Ive never heard of the "decoy" before. I just stoped racing any type of charger, crown vic, impalla, & a few others lol

    Reminds me of that story about a tC owner who got pulled over by a California cop who's patrol car is STI WRX. He radar gunned the owner and the owner didn't pay any attention to his radar detector.

    Yeah, silver tCs with TRD exhaust are also on the high watch with cops I'm attempted to go back to school and attent the local police program just so I can sort of be off that radar
    Dude, I've never heard of the decoy! Thats like pure evil!
    • Edited 1 times, last by BearZ on .
    Drive an old asian woman my Camry. I have never been pulled over *knocks on wood* ever...been driving for nearly 3 years and I speed...a lot! haha just lucky? i dont know...I do own a radar detector and got a verbal warning from an officer
    If I can think of some more ways to be proactive in avoiding a citation, I'll be sure and update this thread.

    A good tip I can think of right now is to recognize headlight signatures from vehicles via your rear view mirror. The new Crown Victoria police interceptors are unique enough to recognize, it's the Dodge Chargers that always throw me off.
    ^ Haha, opposite way for me. I can usually spot the Charger headlights, but the Crown Vics give me trouble.
    i might be wrong, but dont most cop cars have all numbers for license plates? (also uncovers only have numbers) well the ones i've seen....but idk i think some have letters but most marked vehicles (i've seen) have numbers... look at the plates too...correct me if im wrong...
    Its the chargers that throw me off and to top it off, border patrol drives them too.

    The undercover vehicles I've seen all have license plates but have the word "EXEMPT" where TEXAS should be on the plate. I just look into the grill for the red/blue lights I can usual catch a glimpse before they whiz on by me.
    ^^^ yeah i meant they have plates but instead of having a couple of letters with numbers the whole things numbers (should have worded that better my bad) and i think they say exempt (or whatever it was) too..
    Danka [:
    • Edited 1 times, last by sannibabi on .
    lmao! the decoy i've never heard of, that is so funny to me i always tought that could happen, but never really think it could. i was wrong! great tips tho, but to be the 2nd most pulled over car i never,in my area, seen any scions get pulled over.
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