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Headlights Turned on hours after car was turned off

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    Last night around 1 am I was woken up by a neighbor telling me that my car headlights were on. I parked my 2006 scion tc around 8pm. I always keep my lights on the 'on' mode and let them automatically turn off when i open my door. I went back outside around 10pm to let the dog out and my lights were still off.I never touched my car since I parked it at 8pm and they keys were in the dresser drawer. I've had this car since 2006 and this never happened before. When I went to turn them off, the headlights turned off immediately when I opened the driver door. Does anyone know how or why this could have happened?

    Thank you.
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    The consistent state checking would likewise deplete your battery. Not as much as leaving the lights on however most likely enough relying upon your save ability to deplete the battery short-term.
    Kodi nox
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