Hi All,

I recently got a 2005 scion tc for cheap from a co-worker as a project/fixer upper. The previous owner let it run out of oil and the engine seized. Since then it has had it's motor, transmission, and clutch replaced. After driving it for a while I noticed my oil disappearing. I go through a quart of oil every 100-200 miles. There is no puddle under the car or plume of smoke while I'm driving so I'm having trouble locating such a severe leak. It appeared to be coming from the valve cover gasket but after replacing this, it is still losing oil. Last night I took it to the car wash to clean out the engine and add some dye and noticed it to be leaking above the crankshaft pulley next to the water pump. My first thought is the timing chain cover but I wanted to check with you guys if you have ever had anything similar that is hopefully an easier fix. Tonight I will take the wheels off and check with a uv light for sure, but I'm confident the leak is from this area.

Let me know your opinions, thanks in advance!