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Engine noise in speakers please help

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    I hooked up 2 rockford fosgate 12" in my car. They are 8 ohms each so I bridged them to my amp. It is a Kenwood 800. But even before I bridged them, I can hear engine noise through only the subs. Not through the rest of the car. I don't know what it is from or how to fix it. Please help
    Wires my friend.

    You placed them unshielded around other electrical wiring in the car causing interference.

    Get some wire loom and wrap the cables and MAKE SURE YOU SEPERATE YOUR POWER CABLE FROM THE GROUND! You don't want those two together.
    Alright so all I have to do is seperate all the wires, I will try that when I put the amp behind the side panel in the back. Could it be caused by, I have one complete solid box with no splitter. Could the subs be interfearing with each other?
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    It all depends on the magnet. Is it dual magnet subs? But I don't think the interference would be noise from the car itself. What type of wiring do you have for the subs? Sub cables are the best and if you bought the box from like best buy or something then they usually use regular 16 ga speaker wire which is garbage for subs.

    Most likely its the wires that are routed through the car (RCA, power, ground). I had that issue when I redid my system on my Focus back in the day and it was around midnight so I was tired and forgot to seperate and put the wire loom on the wires and put the interior back together (had the seats and everything out to route how I wanted). Next day I had so much feedback and interference which sucked.....looked in my trunk to see the unopened package of wire loom laying there too hahah. I was so pissed at myself since I had to rip everything out again!
    if its for a sub u dont have to seperate the wires. check ur ground and make sure its connected to the frame. The most common mistake when installing an amp is a bad ground. depending on where u put ur amp try and ground it to a seatbelt bolt or something and sand the paint down to the metal where ever u end up grounding it.
    I seperated the wires and it worked, thanx all for the help.
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