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LED wiring

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    Hey a have a noob queston searched but the info I was looking for wasnt availible. Im looking to put LEDS in my 06 TC, do all TCs come witht the LED installed and the dealerships install the switch and actual bulbs? Or do I have to run all the wires?
    no.. the interior LED lighting is an option.. if you order from the dealer, they will install them in for you.
    the wiring has to be ran for the leds.
    I've posted a picture in the Interior Styling Forum of a do it yourself that costs about 6 bucks.

    I used the fog light wires for power. The dealership will try and charge you 200 bucks after it's installed. Do it yourself.

    CLICK HERE for the topic
    Thanks for the help thought that the manufactor would of ran the wires oh well easy enough.
    that link doesnt take me anywhere, i wanna kno how to do this!
    yeah i was interested too but when i clicked it just brought me to forums
    Yeah..I just got a d.i.y led kit for footwells off ebay and was wondering if wiring to and empty fuse space with a rocker switch inbetween would do any harm?
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