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OEM Leather Seats?

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    Hey guys what up? So I have a 2014 Tc (mt) with a leather interior. Ever since I bought my car, I have never seen or heard of another Tc with a leather interior. And the weirdest thing is that it has the same exact pattern as the oem cloth seats but in leather (front and rear). I was wondering if there was a special edition I am not aware of. I have searched everywhere and I cant find an answer. Also, I did not buy the car new. I bought it with a salvage title and I was wondering if the dealer switched the seats due to a deployed airbag or damage from the accident but, I couldn't think of any other car that would use the same interior as a Tc. If any of you guys know anything please let me know. I'd really like to know if I have a limited/rare example lol.

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    1. Are your OEM Leather Seats Heated?

    2. Does it Include DRL's (Daylight Running Lights)?

    3. Does it have a Rear Wiper?

    Yes, yes and yes. Is it part of the release series
    cdel412 wrote:
    Yes, yes and yes. Is it part of the release series

    no it was not part of the release series.. many dealers took out the stock seats and installed aftermarket leather covers/upholstery to the seats. Many auto trim shops can make custom leather covers for seats, and that is what many dealers did.

    It can still be an actual release series, but Toyota did NOT have ANY leather seats from the factory on the tC or any release series tC.
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    You have a Limited Edition: 2014 tC Monogram Series:

    Limited Scion Monogram Series Brings Premium Features to FR-S and tC

    In 2014, Scion did not have a Release Series for that year.
    Instead they produced a Monogram Series for the tC, Limited Edition of 2,500.

    MR LUV

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