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Rattling and Dynamat

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    So Ive been searching around and couldn't an answer to my specific question...

    I know that every tC rattles!
    Although, where is the best places to install dynamat so the car doesn't rattle as much?

    I have placed some at the bottom of the hatch.
    Should i go for the top also?
    i just used some quick roof from home depot which is pretty much same thing except a lil thinner...i covered pretty much my entire bottom of the hatch multiple times n i also tape some around the frame of the glass behind the white plastic covers n also put some on the plastic covers themselves. Also put 3 layers of that stuff on back of licence plate since it only held by 2 screws n rattle like hell. Gas tank cover rattles as well where it locks...u know the pin that keeps it close so i've used some sticky back bumper stoppers or whatever u call them, taped 3 together n taped them as close to the lock as i could so it closes very snug n doesn't rattle as much. a lot off ppl do whole floor of the trunk but i didnt see the need in it w just one sub. what rattles the most is sunroof blinds n i think only way to fix that is too take them out lol.
    What about the doors ?
    Anyone put any dynamat behind the door skins?
    Not me there were few threads about sound proofing on here n SL
    Euphorian wrote:
    What about the doors ?
    Anyone put any dynamat behind the door skins?

    There is a Fella on here who is doing a sound system upgrade and I saw he has it on both doors. Honestly If you want to get rid of the most sound you can I would do the whole car inside. It's going to coast / Might even add some weight. But it's really the only way to be sure

    I know the hatch and wheel wells get a lot of sound coming from there. As well as the floor where you're feet go.
    From reading previously to Di whole car will cost about 500 bucks n it only will add like 30-50lbs of wait which is nothing
    I got 50sq feet at 80mils thick!
    Its heavy ! (The whole box)

    I wanted to do things right the first time!
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