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Steering Wheel Swap - 2nd Gen to 1st Gen.

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    I wasn't able to find anything on this idea, but if this is a duplicate I'm horribly sorry. I was looking at the stock 2nd Gen Scion TC steering wheel, and I prefer its shape and size to the original 1st Gen. The leather wrap began to peel on my stock steering wheel, so I've been dabbling with options. Has anyone ever tried, or considered, swapping the 1st Gen Steering wheel with the 2nd Gen? I want to keep my airbag, so it seems like a viable idea, I just have no idea if its even possible. As a note, I could care less if the steering controls work, they're already disabled due to an aftermarket head-unit. Thanks guys -- If it's impossible, it's impossible.
    Just by looking at pictures of each steering wheel stripped down, it looks to me like it could actually work.
    Hmm, wouldn't that be awesome. A perfect fit? I guess if they're going to change the bolt pattern on the wheels they better give us something.
    Lol true. I'm anxious to see if it would work. Lol the tC2 wheel is much nicer in my opinion.
    wow.. I'm in just to find out how this turns out! Sounds awesome. I don't think much has changed but you'd have to measure to see if it would bolt up.
    I was horribly expecting someone to have tried this. Now I'm tempted to look into this a lot further. Thanks guys, I appreciate the input.
    It has been done, there's a guy on Facebook in one of the tC forums that has done it. It looks good to me and I'm planning on doing it. I just need an airbag for the steering wheel that's the only hold up. But he said it's a direct bolt on, no modifications or anyhting that have to be done.
    Yo that's absolutely sick. I will make it a solid plan for the future, thanks!
    Did you ever find out if a second gen steering wheel will fit a 1st gen?
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