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clutch pedal stuck pls help!!!

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    i have 06 scion tc boosted w a greddy turbo, i just replaced the clutch last year with a stage 2 racing clutch and yesterday while o was sitting at a redlight the clutch depressed and just stuck to the ground, i couldn't pull it up or put it in gear. We towed to a shop and they said the slave and master cylinder were fine but the clutch fork will absolutely not move, they think the clutch is the problem but i JUST replaced it and i haven't even dragged it out or raced anyone with it. If anyone has expierenced this or know what the problem may be please help 💔
    May just be a defect in the clutch. You break it in properly?
    ehhhh yes and no the breaks work good but they have always scream when i do use them
    no Spence306 is not talking about brakes. Talking about breaking in the clutch properly.. and yes the clutch slave cylinder could be bad at the clutch fork causing it to not work properly.
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