Whats going on names Rob.
Want to join a car club here in Viriginia? I am starting a scikotics chapter in Virginia and honestly im looking for some good people to start a scion family with love and respect and that has good dedication and don’t mind putting in the hard to support are chapter and just show some love to are community and just have fun doing so I mean its not about quantity its about quality and being your brothers keeper it's not really about the biggest baddest fastest or most expensive car. It's not about being flashy or showing off your money. It's just about liking cars no matter what kind of cars you like. Sometimes others may not understand why you like a car so much. Sometimes you may not even understand why you like a car so much. But none of that matters all that matters is that you like the car and having it makes you happy…. if your interested join our site ( scikotics.com ) register your car check out what we have to offer come meet some new people and just have fun. My user-tag is ( Rob09tc ) since I really want this to start and I mean it shoot me a text 321-441-9524.

What will we be doing?

If we can we will meet up as much as we can but everyone doesn’t have to come out I understand family and work comes first 100% we can do a monthly car meets with a very big turn out. We can go to as many car shows as we possibly and show love to our sister states like on Jan10th the first car show of the year I will be attending.

For more info hit me up:
Town and Country Toyota
9101 South Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28273

Join us on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 to kick off the New Year in Car Club STYLE.

~Scion Show open to all makes/models (not just Scion)
~All Star Cafe's Truck for food!
~Prizes (of unspeakable value)!
~Hotel accommodations!