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tC2 turbo manifold

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    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to find a turbo manifold and downpipe that fits the 2AR-FE. I can't seem to find any anywhere. does anyone know a link? I want to build something custom. I would go with dezods kit, but it is expensive and I dont need the EMS that offered with it, which i presume is a large cost in the bundle they offer. AEM EMS with the pnp harness is like $800+. I'm doing all new parts, and doing it right with swapped forged pistons, as I have read the crank and rods are forged already. haven't been thinking about running more than 8 psi, but who knows... its an addiction, from what I hear. This will be my first turbo setup, but I have been reading for years about this and finally understand how it all works. I'm open to opinions and advice, as I don't know everything. lol

    Thanks in advance guys! here is the current setup:
    TRD quickshifter with solid cable bushings
    TRD exhaust
    TRD lowering springs
    Injen Intake
    Unichip Piggyback ECU
    Aesthetic mods as well.

    some pics

    Did you ever find a turbo manifold? I'm in your shoes currently and still there arent any on the market. I doubt you will respond after a year, but thanks.
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