I am alarmed at how many people I speak to daily whom are newer to the market and do not know about our turbo systems. Instead, they have purchased used kits or inferior ones and end up spending the same amount of money, more time than what was needed AND have no tech support channel or warranty. So I am going to make this quick post to give a run down about our systems...

The S1 break down

The S1 originated in 2005, and began selling in 2006. We where 3rd to the market and where unlike any other kits out there at the time. We also included a lot of "extras" and "luxury" items at the time, which was VERY different from the smoke and mirrors many other companies played by leaving parts out etc... Now, many of these "luxury" and "extras" are now the normal run for all kits offered for the platform. Needless to say, we set the bar and leveled the playing field. We offered a tuner and complete bolt-on edition of the kit. Break down in the numbers 1 and 2 points.

Overall, the S1 is a great entry level kit which is designed to get your feet wet and provide gains of up to 350whp. This kit was not designed or intended for much more than that. And to be honest, this is a lot of power on this chassis and that power margin is about the point where it demands a lot more time, $$ and attention to detail to go further down the road of power. So we felt, that mark was a great all-encompassing deal for the S1.

The S1 has truly ran the gauntlet since 2006. It's been tweaked, revamped and is now better than ever. It's been used in brutal environments like road racing and has withstood 25 hours of straight racing abuse at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. We have TONS of people whom own this setup all over the country and a honestly love the kit as much as we do. Some of the original 2006 customers that still have the car, have over 125K boost miles on the car and kit. These points to us, are a true testament to quality.


This is an older image of the kit, but you get the jist...


Here is a brief breakdown of the kits offered....

1) S1 Tuner kit. Bare bones kit with no fuel and engine management included. It's for the guy that may want to run a standalone EMS, or something custom and a different or much larger injector than what we provide with the complete S1. At a price of $3350.00 it's all value.

2) S1 complete The complete bolt on legacy kit, our highest selling volume kit. Includes everything needed to run the car and boost out of the box. Genuine brand name products like Garrett, TiAL, HKS, AEM etc. At a value price of $3999, it makes boosting the 2AZ a breeze. T-bolt clamps, vacuum manifold, plug-n-play technology, blow-thru MAF, it's no wonder why it's still a great seller.

Some vids of the S1 in action on DG Spec's race car.


Thunderhill Opening Lap & Passing - Scott Webb & DG-Spec Scion - August, 2011 - YouTube

Thunderhill Start - Scott Webb - DG-Spec Scion tC - YouTube

and the NBC Sports Survive the 25 documentary featuring DG Spec with our turbo system...

NASA 2011 Survive the 25 - YouTube

3) Alpha Series Components This is the setup that separates the men from the boys. This is for those whom need the best and demand it. Full tubular turbo manifold with v-band inlet. The setup has been featured on some of the highest HP Scions around that are not pro-race team or shop affiliated. This setup lives up to it's name.

Right now, it's being offered like a tuner series kit, however we will be swaying away from that as most of the sales of these components have been strictly for the manifold that is sold individually. Regardless of path, this setup allows for the most amount of customization and flexibility. We just provide you with the hardest part to make, the manifold.

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