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Need help understanding turbos and installation

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    im trying to find a turbo for my car but i cant find a good place and i dont want to get ripped off i know the basic about cars and im trying to get into it more i have already put a after market supension and a cold air intake and i want to learn how to install one and i dont want to get ripped off or f**k up my car
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    Maybe you should stop what you're doing and learn how to write in sentences.

    Edit by Web: You've been warned.
    The guy is simply looking for help in finding a turbo and/or kit for his car and doesn't want to get ripped off. It's not that hard, so let's not be a**es just because we think we can.
    This will be taken to PM.

    Original poster, keep this thread up and await a response.
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    i know that the turbo manage the air/fuel ratio and pretty much put more air in to the engine to i can gain more hp i know about cars i just dont know anything about engines im more of a audio guy im in the army and i know how to drive i just dont know how it works and what parts do i know and what the best place to get it im a fast learning and want to get in to playing with engines f**k
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    OP: The best advice I could give is to view as many of the Forced Induction threads on this site as possible. There are many people on here with turboed tCs, or at least have experience with turbo applications in general. Many of the users are easy to reach by PM, so again, that may be your best starting point. I'll move this to the Forced Induction forum for more visibility as well.

    Dezod and PTuning seem to be the most popular brands out there and have an entire support line on their main sites.

    **Please bleep your curse words if you are to use them.
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    Fast Scions

    Is a legit website. Pretty much any turbo kit by Descendant, Dezod, or PTuning is legit. The problem you might encounter is whether or not you have a local race shop that can TUNE or install the turbo kit.

    Don't go ebay.... and as always...the general rule of thumb about turbo is that you should ALWAYS expect to spend twice as much as you're planning to. You gotta think new clutch, LSD, Brakes, Tires, TUNE, exhaust, and install costs as well. can click on the user's names and choose to private message (PM) them, or comment on their page requesting assistance. If you are just looking for general information on turbos and engines, look at the sticky threads under the forum topic "Engine Mods"
    You can find used turbo kits on Scionlife or on CStC - just make sure the seller has proof they are in condition and physically inspect them if you can. Personally, unless i can see the physical condition, and check it out from top to bottom - i would not buy a used kit. But thats just me. Others posted on great success with used turbo's.

    If you decide to buy a new kit from Dezod,Ptuning or Descendant like im doing, be well prepared to spend over 4-6k for Kit, Gauges, Tune and Install - unless you have a buddy that can help you with the install and DIY.

    Dezod's kit is what im going with in the next month - Its a direct bolt up kit with plug and play Engine Management. the MOST IMPORTANT part of the turbo kit would be finding a competent tuner to tune the EMU- if not, its a good way to detonate an engine very, very quickly.

    and keep in mind, if you care about your warranty work on the car, a Turbo WILL void it right out of the gate.

    I have done beyond lots and lots of research on turboing as i will be completing my build next month. If you have any questions you can feel free to PM me - im going through the same thing you are.
    thank you guys for the help
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