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Custom Chrome Taillights a Possiblity... With Pictures...

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    Well I bought an extra pair of taillights on ebay for $40 shipped because I was planning on some custom tails. I wanted to remove the red cover and see what was underneath. Well, unfortunately I left them in the over too long and they warped (due to me watching world cup soccer...). But I still was able to find out some pretty cool things. The red piece is a cover, and underneath the red there is a clear piece that covers all of the lights. The outter piece is chrome. Bascially if I wasn's so busy watching the soccer games I would have been able to have some nice chrome taillights. All you have to do is use the ovem to get the tails warm, then you pry the red cover off. Take the clear plastic pieces and epoxy them back onto the taillight. Then the only thing left to do is get rid of the red around the outside. It is red from the underneath part, so what you could do if find some way to spray paint this chrom or black or something. Here are some pics of the tails. Hopefully you can see what I'm talking about. I think the tails would look really good like this. Also if anyone has a set of tails that they don't mind donating I'll try and do this for you, but I can't be certain everything will turn out right.


    they arent legal now, are they? Thats ghetto... i like my tyc's.
    ih8civx wrote:
    Thats ghetto... i like my tyc's.

    I dont think it's ghetto if you can do a clean job. IMO any custom work that comes out clean is better than an aftermarket upgrade, but thats just my opinion. To bad you fried them. How long were they in and what temp did you have them at?
    like 400 degrees at least 20-25 minutes... the game was getting good, lol... I think they have the potential to be nice. I don't plan on putting deformed taillights on my car. Also I dont see how custom work is considered ghetto... I think the stock 17s on a widebody is ghetto, but whatever... I personally dont like the tyc's. I think they're a waste of money and only look good when the red and orange are smoked. As for legality, few mods are acatually legal... And I'm not really too worried about frying them, it's only $40, but fresco was modding the stock tails and they looked good but he's done with the tc so I figured I'd carry on his idea.... Any ideas, opinions?
    sorry if i sounded like an ass. THey just arent my style. Props though for givin it a shot. i hope they come out clean homie
    To me they look like the Euro Lights people put on their cars.
    I am no fan at all for the Euro Lights look, just looks to ricey for me. But thats just my opinion.
    yea no prob, i figured it was worth it for only $40. Maybe if they were sprayed black, or the color of the car... and the lenses are smoked. Then they might look pretty cool... Anyone have any ideas? or is everyone happy just having two taillights to pick from?
    Next time... put the oven on the lowest setting... like 150-200... then bake them for 15-20 min. less of a chance to broil them
    ^yea good advice for when I try my headlights. Basically I figured I'd leave them in a minute and they would be alright but I got caught up in the damn world cup games.. lol
    hey i like your ideas. looks pretty cool actually. i have some custom overylays for the tails, maybe we can get together and you can help me put them on my taillights, then we can see how they look and carry it on from there?
    sounds good.. send me a pm
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