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Headlight wiring problem

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    I have a headlight on one side of the vehicle out. Checked the bulb and it wasn't that. Checked the fuses and wasn't that either. So am thinking its a problem with the connector or the wiring. No obvious signs of melting/broken wires but am wondering what the best way to resolve the issue is.

    If I get a meter on the connector and am not getting voltage - what should I do to diagnose problem or resolve. I'm thinking cutting off connector and say 3 inches back and seeing if I get voltage and then if I do then resoldering a new connector on, if I don't work back another few inches but that seems very trial/error.

    Is there any other better way of diagnosing the problem ?
    How did you verify that the bulb wasn't the problem? Did you swap the bulbs, i.e. using the known good bulb from the one side on the other?

    I wouldn't bother cutting the connector unless you can see physical damage to it or corrosion. You can tug on the wires and see if they're loose potentially causing a connection issue. But cutting sections off wire to check for voltage won't do you any good. The likelihood of the wires having a bad spot causing a loss of current is extremely unlikely and you'd more than likely be able to see the exact point of the damage if that were the case.

    That being said, start with a multimeter on the connector and then we'll go from there.
    regular bulbs or HID's? sometimes the plugs go bad I did change mine. and sometimes depends the weather my right side is out I jiggle the wires and is back on.or connectors gets too dry .
    They have aftermarket hids swapped bulb out for otherside and still didnt work. Tried using standard bulbs to confirm that voltage was fine up until that point and didnt light up. So assuming problem was prior to HID components.
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