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Brake caliper paint kits?

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    anywhere you can buy these locally in NJ?

    I'm looking for the brush on, not spray on..
    Any good local auto parts store should be able to take care of you.. I have done 2 cars in my club with kits from Dupli-color .. Brush on.. easy.. but expect about a 24-36 hour down time from the car to make sure it cures properly...

    The best pain system I have found is.

    They include a hardening agent in the package and it makes for a much longer lasting and better seal..

    But thats my $.02
    thanks for the advice and names of the paint to buy
    No worries brother.. If this is your first time doing it..

    Follow the instructions in package.. Clean the calipers fully.. de-grease.. tooth brush out all the small areas and creases... then use either a 400 grit sand paper to clean up.. or a like grit on a dremmel or rotary tool... re-spray with cleaner.. let dry fully.. then get to painting.. 3-4 coats should give you a perfectly smooth and even look.

    But I still say hit G2.. cause they have ALL KINDS of colors..
    How long is the install time?
    depends on how good you clean the calipers. it took me around 4 hours to the final painted product. then i let it set and cure for 24 hours before driving.

    did it friday night after work. let it sit and dry until saturday morning and reinstalled. didnt need to drive the car until sunday afternoon.
    I live in South Florida and its hot as hell, but I put on 3 coats in 30 minutes because the paint dried so fast, and then I waited like 5 more minutes then put my wheels back on, the wheels don't touch the calipers so I figured what the hell I'll put the wheel on. Plus I did one wheel at a time with my jack that comes with the car , the instructions say wait one hour before 2nd coating.....Bullshit, I felt that it was dry enough to 2nd coat, then 3rd coat so I proceeded. Then I let the car sit in the sun for a good 4 hours, the I had to go to a Bday party so I drove and its been a week now and they still look sexy . I recommend Dupli-Color Brake caliper kit, which I bought for $17 at the local auto store here. Its a brush on so you dont have to tape off the whole world.

    i'm pretty sure someone has posted a DIY on both paint and spray, check that area or search and it'll give you decent instructions
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