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Orange peel on bumpers from clear coat, is this normal??

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    i have some orange peel on the sides of my front bumper and the lower half of my rear bumper. is this normal as in a scion thing, or do i have to fix it somehow?? thanks.
    did you buy the car used?
    bought it with 15,xxx miles.
    but has never been in an accident.
    you never know that. Someone could have been in a fender bender and never had it reported or someone could have painted the car and did a crappy job or brought it to a crappy body shop.
    ^^ and THAT'S why i asked.

    it's not normal for orange peel like that... it's been repainted
    So he should have phrased it: "To my knowledge, it has not been in an accident." thus Squall wouldn't have had the chance to make the OP look like an uneducated ass, but then again, that is Squall's special power.

    Mr. OP, did you get a CarFax report on the car before you purchased it? If not, you probably should. Did you buy it from a Dealer or private party?
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