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hid blue or white

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    Okay so I read some pretty good infomation on the stickies. But I have a question of personal choice. Those who installed HIDs which do you like better, blue or white? I'm thinking about getting either.
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    between 6K and 8K is rite on the border

    go 6K to go more white- go 8K to go more blue

    I prefer 8000K and w/ a slight bluish tint, which I have on my tC. It comes down to personal choice. If you want a true white light, you can opt for a 4300K I believe. You may also want to check w/ your local state DOT laws on what is legal and what is illegal, if that matters to you or not. I will say this much, once you go HID, you won't want to go back to an OEM/Zenon bulb, the clarity is amazing, you'll see farther as well as more of the side of the road where dangers lurk. HID's will be really affective more so on back country roads where street lights are minimal.
    I prefer 6K. I think anything above that you start to lose visibility. the white 5k or something would be the best for visibility though. I like the slightly blue start up of the 6K and then it starts to get more white.
    you loose visibility yes but you always have high-beams if ya need more light

    and just want a blue-er look
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