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Sequential Turn Signal – Help

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    A good friend of mine had a 2017 Volkswagen GTI and he was able to access the car's computer and program the turn signals to alternate the brake/turn signal bulbs to give the appearance of a sequential turn signal (like that of the new S550 Ford Mustangs, except with 2 lights instead of 3). I was sitting in my car one night waiting to pick my friend up and she said one of my rear lights was doing just that, but only that one time it did that. I was wondering if tC's had an accessible programming system like the GTI's do where I can program the turn signals to flash the brake then turn signal repeatedly. I have an '06 tC (manual, if it makes a difference) with the stock rear lights (image below).

    Thanks to anyone who can tell me how, point me in the right direction, or help in anyway!

    Hmmm, I cannot help. But maybe bump this so someone else that knows may see it.

    Welcome to the club, you should put up some pics of your TC
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