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SICKEST body kit ever!!!

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    ok so i think its a photoshop, but on the home page of the site there is a pic of a silver tc with a sick ass body kit, just wondering if it is real or a photoshop!!! cuz i EFFFFing want it...if any company out there needs ideas for a body kit, make that one, you will make mad $$$$$....
    Thanks :mrgreen:
    sorry...THIS WEBSITE!!!!!
    double post ? i thought there was a post like this recently.

    you can get any kit you want on the car, all u need is alot of $$ to mold it or modify a existing kit to ur tC
    its photoshoped
    did he mean that tC at the top of the page? yea it's just photoshopped but i gotta say, it's a sick bodykit as well
    acually the tC at the top is a real tC..its lime green, not sure which company its sponsered by..but the tC Sci0nw0rd is talkin about is in the main HOME page..
    Ya, that basically looks like a rendering of the Five Axis Widebody tC.
    its not at the top of the page, its on the HOME actually looks real...its silver and it changes between the motorized radio cover and the silver Tc...its says something about a contest... anyways...i want it!!
    lol it's photoshopped....
    i would know, since i made it :mrgreen:

    lol thanx.. i take it that u guys like it
    Sorry I don't
    its ok kinda weird looking... but its prety sweet none the less
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