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Jvt header?

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    Has anyone ever heard anything about these? Good? Bad? Dies anyone have one? Dud it produce good power gains? Very raspy?
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    I am biased to it because I had one. I have to say it is just like the rest of the headers on the market. It fits very well.(install was simple) there were no real noticablepower gains, but the car did feel more responsive. I had it on my car for about 5 months or so. It does produce a good amount of rasp at higher RPMs(as does most others as well)I would also say the quality is pretty good, the welds look good and it is stainless steel.
    If you need a more info/review on it just ask and I can provide more info.
    I also have one for sale. I took it off for my turbo fund.
    thanks about that... does anyone else have any opinion on this header? dyno results, exhaust tone, anything... i wanna know what ill get out of them if i end up buying them
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    over on scionlife there is a link to a dyno session of various headers, and they all yeilded about the same, but it will give you a better gauge of them, I would say the JVT is similiar in design to a DC header, also as far as sound it is pretty raspy(just like any header) but with a good resinator it will absorb most of it. I know there is vid clips somwhere around here I just dont remember where?
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