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Georgia Tsudo Full Exhaust

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    So Im looking at exhaust options and I found a tsudo full exhaust system includes: Tsudo 4-2-1 Header with S-pipe and N1 Extreme Cat-Back Exhaust System. My question is does anybody know wether or not this exhaust is going to give me any problems with the laws in georgia? I have really been able to find anything ass far as exhaust laws. I dont want to be failing emissions or be getting pulled over all the time and getting tickets. Let me know if you know anything or have any better exhaust system suggestions. I dont want the "ricer" sound, Im actually an american muscle guy typically, the tc is just so damn perfect and good looking. lol. Anyways Any help on any of that would be greatly appreciated.
    It will be louder than if you just had the exhaust cause it includes the header. I used to have the Tsudo exhaust and was attracted to it because of the price. To be honest I was not all that happy with the tone which is why I went to a Greddy Ti-C axle back. If I were in your shoes, I would take that package and replace the axle back with something else. The mid pipe, s pipe, and header are fine and good to keep. But that is just my $0.02
    I agree with wat ^^^ said
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