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Quieter Exhaust

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    So I picked up my 2012 Tc about two months ago and I'm really enjoying it. However, I noticed that the exhaust is very "youthful" and not quiet. When I remote start it in the morning, it shakes the inside of my house even though it's parked outside. I'm not a fan of the deep, rumbling sound it has. I know this is the same engine as the Camry, and it's quiet in that application. I just assumed that it's loud because of the muffler that Scion puts on it.

    My question is: is there a different muffler that I can replace the stock one with that will quiet it down and reduce the droning?
    And if so, will it reduce my performance a lot?
    Other than the engine, it's actually a pretty quiet highway ride, I must say. As quiet as my '07 Jetta (just not when you're revving it)
    Sounds to me like you may have a TRD exhaust. The stock non TRD exhaust is what you want to look for. Everything aftermarket is gonna be a lot louder.
    I don't think I have the TRD, but how can I be sure?
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    You have a 4-yr. old car and probably not the original owner.

    Chances are some "youthful" previous owner installed a aftermarket muffler,
    hence the noise.
    No Way to determine Power Loss/Gain w/o a Dyno Test Before and After.

    If you want quiet, get a stock muffler Part No. 17430-36100

    Check with your Toyota Dealer.

    That picture looks just like my muffler. I got it at a dealership. It was a one-owner so I'd think it was never owned by a kid, but I can't be sure. My muffler has a standard stainless steal finish and nothing chrome like some of the aftermarket mufflers I've seen
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    1. The stock muffler on most inexpensive cars are made of plain ordinary steel. Most Aftermarket mufflers are made of stainless steel. What you see as Chrome are just the tips.

    2. The fact that you are saying your muffler is "not quiet" has a "deep, rumbling sound"and "it shakes the inside of my house" is a sure indication you have a Aftermarket muffler or sometime wrong with your muffler system.

    3. If you want to be sure, take it to a muffler shop.

    My 2014 has a deep little rumble and shakes the house a little as well and it is all stock. Not sure if your set up is the same.
    Could be worse. My exhaust is stupid loud. Now to be honest I wish I hadn't of done it but oh well. May change it back to a stock rear section I know it won't fully make it quiet because of the mid pipe though.
    Hahahahahahahah that's a first.. I don't think I've ever heard that the stock exhaust is too loud; especially not loud enough to shake the house 😂 We're not driving big blocks here people.
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