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Mid pipe bolts. FML

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    UGH!! i broke my socket on them... i believe it was a mixture of me not being able to get on the bolt straight and then pushin...anyways i got the axle back part off with less problem but the two that are under the front of the midpipe are so gay!! Anyone have any tips or tricks they used? i read on here that "PB blaster" works wonders. I used liquid wrench and drenched them but still nothing.
    dw-40 and heat that baby up
    Those bolts are on there curhazy tight, you're going to need wd-40 and a breaker bar to be able to loosen the bolts. Don't pull on it cuhrazy hard, do it slowly so you don't snap the bolt.
    Air tools ftw!
    If you have air tools use that ... But be careful, because you can end up breaking the bolt head off ALOT easier.. If air tools are not availible, i had the same prob. I used PB Blaster and WD-40 along with a propane torch.. I sprayed the bolt down pretty heavily, and waited about 5-10 min.. After that take a torch to it and let it sit on the bolt along with the side the nut is on make sure you spray both ends of it and if you can spray in between where the mid pipe and s pipe meet spray that too.. After you heat it up take a small hammer or something and hit the bolt a few times to try and break the rust loose. Then use a breaker bar on the socket and this leverage will help break it loose. Let me know if this helps! Good luck!
    GOT it!! thanks guys!! i just needed some leverage.
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