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2AZ-FE help!!

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    ok this is for ppl that now a lot about Toyota engines.OK The Tc has a 2Az-FE engine so in a way it is a Z engine block so is it posible to swap the FE head for a GE from a 2ZZ-GE if sooo thats a hell of a good combo...its only a idea soo tell me what u tink?
    I dont know shit about toyota engines so sorry i cant help you but I-m just wondering what are you planning on doing? Would this be similar to swapping b20 block onto a b18 like on honda engines?
    yep cuz i did it with my AE86 with 2 engines made a 1 sick engine in my 86 i have a 4AGE 20v head and a 4AGZE(MR2 S/C) with oil injectors block.Im traing to see if its posible.With a GE head on a 2A-FE its like having a 2.4L 2ZZ-GE (but hey its only an idea) if posible there has to be a re-mapping of the A/F.But its going to be sick with a turbo.
    Wow, sounds like a pretty badass plan, hope it will fit. Knowing about kseries, b series, sr20, and ka engines isnt going to help with the tC i guess. I should read up some stuff on toyota engines. Good luck with the project and keep us updated on the progress.
    well I have a friend that owns a junkeyarg soo im going to see if we can put the 2 together IF its good Ill give the word out too u all!!!!!!
    Swapping a head from 1.8L on a 2.4L? Good luck with that. Plus there is a lot more involved in making your engine a GE than swapping a head...
    nice zolitz.... nice...
    Lots of good luck if you try that. Lol. The first thing that came to my mind when I read this is that the bore to bore spacing alone is VERY different from an AZ and a ZZ. So it-ll probably be more beneficial and A LOT less of a hassle to just upgrade your internals. Not a bad idea though, if it would work.
    Well zoltiz, I know its not easy but its a good idea.IF and i say IF the head matches the block ther has to be a new air and fuel setup cuz of the GE its has bigger bore in the intake and its VVTL-I sooooo the computer has to be RE-programed but it is a good match (if it works) the bore and stroke of the AZ is better and the block is in aluminium soo its better for the high reving and with a high flowing head like the GE well its a weapon of massdestrucion in N/A setup (with doble valve springs,lot more RPM can be made)or TURBO cuz of it high air flowing
    How high do you expect to be able to rev to even if you get that head on successfully? I think the tC-s an undersquare design, if I-m not mistaken, and if you-re able to get it in the high 7k rpms, the piston speed would be extremely fast...I dunno if valve springs are the only things you-d have to replace?
    Well its still an idea....but when i get more info i will post..dont really whant to write a bunch of BS with out really knowing :mrgreen:
    well same over here...GL man!!!
    Boost_tC... The it will never work. Lol. Just look at the bolt pattern of the headers... Lol. Lots of luck to you. But hey, if you have a spare 2AZ and a 2ZZ that you don-t use and you feel like wasting your time just to try... then go for it. But there-s so many basic things that obviously let you know it will never even get close to working. Let us know how that goes.
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