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Engine no start no crank after stock engine swap

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    2005 scion tc 2.4l..I'll start at the came to me with a cooked engine so I bought a used engine and installed it..I had to switch over the fuel system and intake. I also had to switch over the wire harness. I split the old engine and transmission and paired the new used engine with original transmission. All the work was going great until I went to start it up and nothing happens. I have all power it just won't start. I checked all power and grounds along with the starter and everything test good at this time. I turn the key and hear the fuel pump I also checked to make sure the trans gear selector is adjusted right..there is also a humming sound coming from the trans with koeo that has me puzzled..I'm stuck here and need your help..I'm a Mercedes-Benz tech and feel confident in my abilities but this Toyota has me pulling my hair out.
    I don't know shit about engine swaps but to me it almost sounds like it might b an issue w ECU different Engine is throwing ECU off?
    I'm going to say it's ECU, you said you changed fuel / intake so I'm guessing it's a 05-06 car and or engine swapped into a 07+ car or engine. If so you will need the ECU as well.
    xGhostx wrote:
    I'm going to say it's ECU, you said you changed fuel / intake so I'm guessing it's a 05-06 car and or engine swapped into a 07+ car or engine. If so you will need the ECU as well.

    U don't need to guess he clearly said its was 05 tc but didn't mention the year of new engine it seems like ECU would b ur problem.
    I so did not see the year!

    So then It's prob a 07+ engine and intake and Will need ECU
    Cant mix harnesses and ECUs. An '07 harness must be paired with an '07 ECU etc...What years are the fuel system, intake, and harness that you got?
    Sry everyone i just got some time to check back..I only changed the intake and fuel rail because the yard I got the engine from had a seat belt tied to them and had the engine hanging from a chain block and I noticed they were damaged but they were exactly the same the engine came from an 2005 I checked the numbers from the do u reset the ecu without scan tool I tried the battery and fuse tricks multiple times..y is the trains making a buzzing/humming sound when koeo I don't get it
    I'm a Mechanic myself. Did you check to see if you have power at the ignition side of the starter?
    Nope no power something is telling it not to start wether its the key the park neutral switch or even the alarm could be coding in the ecu between the engine and trans..I've been looking over shop key and i think it has to be there is a method I've read about that you put a jumper wire across two pins of the dlc and leave it connected for a half hour and it says it pairs the trans and engine with the ecu..sounds like ur gonna do more harm than good with that but what do u guys think..but you see I don't get that because how would the ecu know I changed the engine all I did was bolt on the alt,tensioner,power steering,and ac. Then wrapped the same harness from the original engine then put the original intake on with the original throttle body and the fuel rail is just a basic fuel rail so that wouldn't change anything. I could see if I swapped the trans and had this problem only because the valve body has a direct pairing with the ecu so that would make's my theory the battery was disconnected for an extended period of time so the ecu lost its programming and now has to be "relearned"..idk it's just a shot in the dark I gotta get my hands on a quality scan tool to reset ecu
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    Yea I would scan the thing for any codes if possible. See if you have ecu communication or codes. if not than id look into the ignition switch or immobolizer.
    You said you checked the engine code? All 05-10 models the 2AZ-FE, but it's the compression ratio that's different in 07+ and for 07 specifically, the ECU is different than all other years. Odd thing for Toyota to do...
    Did you find out the problem? My car is doing the same thing.
    Start your own thread and provide as much information as possible.
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