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AEM bypass valve with INJEN CAI?

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    I know that the AEM bypass valve is to prevent water from entering the engine, but is there a chance the bypass valve is slowing down air flow? Maybe thats the reason that it has poor hp gains. Has anyone tried installing these together?
    ya i put the AEM bypass on my ingen cai and i have no problem and the airflow is good.....i dynoed at 155hp and 165 LB tq with the CAI, DC header and HKS exhaust
    Where can I buy one from?
    I'm sorry to break this to you, but bypass valves don't do anything except maybe give you something to show off to your buddies that you spent money on.

    The laws of physics just doesn't allow for a cold air intake to suck water into the combustion chamber causing hydrolock for the following reasons:

    If your CAI filter was completely submerged while driving through a deep water (shouldn't be forging flooded passes anyway in my opinion), your engine would stall before it would be able to suck up water through a 3 inch diameter pipe all the way up to the throttle body. Do you know how much water weighs per gallon? How many PSI of vacuum do you think your engine can sustain before it stalls? By my calculations, an intake pipe of 3inches will have a volume of one gallon for each 32 inches of water sucked in. Each gallon weighs about 8.5lbs. So each foot of water suck in, is 3.2lbs about. In other words, can your CAI suck up a 2 liter bottle of water pass 28.5 inches in your intake pipe? Not even close.

    Ok, so what about partial submersions? Or splashes of water on your filter?

    Well laws of fluid dynamics dictate that the air will choose the path of least resistance and flow around the wet parts instead of forcing the water from the wet parts to get sucked in.

    Say the filter gets fully submerged and then completely unsubmerged leaving the whole filter element wet and the air has no choice but to force its way through the wet filter media. The water dropplets would have to get sucked all along the inner walls of the the intake pipe all the way to the throttle body, into the intake manifold, and then into the combustion chamber before you run into trouble, Again, if you are running a 3inch diameter CAI, the cross sectional area is about 7 squared inches which means that there is very low velocity even at wide open trottle. The velocity is not enough to suck dropplets of water all the way up the tube of the cold air intake. Plus, even if it did, a bypass valve's purpose is not serve this dilema. It is most likely that water dropplets will be suspended in the pipe at a safe level and eventually evaporate due to the air velocity.

    scrap wrote:
    Where can I buy one from? - You need to know the diameter of your cai BEFORE you order.
    link doesn't work, I have the injen. What size is it?
    Link wrx4me I dunno the size of the injen but just do a search for
    I found it on ebay, now I need the right size.
    atodak wrote:


    HMM. you're comparing the intake velocities of a NSX at Vtec engagement to a scion tC. tC's don't have a 3.0L V6 with 250HP and they certainly don't hit anything close to that while treading through water deep enough to submerge a cai filter.
    So what are trying to say?....air-bypass valves are useless on anything less than 3.0 liters?
    I have an AEM bypass valve on my K&N but after reading that artical I'm a little concerned now. They said "water was sucked approximately 18 inches up the pipe" and if you look at the photo they extended the first few feet of intake piping with clear plastic.
    Yikes! I don't have that much room from my filter to the bypass valve.
    "The moral of the story? Use an AEM air-bypass valve (They can be purchased separately and inserted into existing cold air intakes if you wish.) and when you pull out of the puddle, don't start racing until you have given the water enough time to drain out of the bottom of your intake."
    my friend had a R33 with a cold air and he went through enought water to submerge his intake and than his motor locked dont' say the motor doesn't have enough vaccum to do it cuz i was in the car with him...and the Ijen intake is 3 inches the by pass valve fits perfect u just have to trim the down pipe to the filter like 1/2 inch for it to fit right...
    Neville wrote:
    u just have to trim the down pipe to the filter like 1/2 inch for it to fit right...

    How do you trim it? Do you use an exhaust pipe cutter?
    naw i used a air saw, but u can use a cutting wheel but i like the saw it is easier. a pipe cutter is to small...
    SO CONFUSED! to get a bypass valve OR NOT... =(

    and why cant they just make one FOR the INJEN..i dont feel like buying one and trimming it down or what not, then accidentaly mess up, why cant they just come READY, lol im the kind of guy that needs instructions and EVERYTHING or else i wont be 100% sure i wont F up lol..

    so i'd have to buy a AEM 3 inch valve?? just to confirm..THEN id have to trim it down? trim what part..
    unless the position of your filter is directly exposed to the ground and within 6 - 9 inches of pavement, I cant imagine you have anything to worry about. Just DON'T go driving through rivers and lakes. And if you do take a swim, you have much bigger problems to worry about!
    old post....haha....

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