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Where to start?

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    I don't know how to work on cars or much about the engine all i know is I want to go faster. I'm not very familiar with parts and stuff so if someone can help me out it would be great. Where should I start for engine stuff for more hp gains and such right now the engine is stock I already have the trd exhaust so I'll prob just keep that on there. What else is good to have i heard like a cold air intake is good...what's a good brand and how much are they? thx for the help!
    a lot of people like injen. has it for 255 inc. shipping
    it really depends on how much money you want to spend and if you want to go with forced induction or keep it N/A (naturally aspirated). If you want to keep it nautrally aspirated go for all the mods like headers intake and like the agency power pully or a pully kit of some sort and get the stock exhaust piping out from under the car and that will free up some horsepower.On average an intake will cost in the nebighorhood of 215-300. Check out they have some great deals on intakes. If you going to go forced induction, there was a thread on the different turbo kits, somewhere, try using the search feature to find it.
    If u need CARB legal, K&N and AEM CAI's, alot of ppl in the club have injen. So I would assume it's good. Just don't expect hi hp gains from a CAI.
    I want to eventually install a turbo so what do I need to put in before that...o and is the trd exhaust good?
    depends on how big of a turbo your going to hang on it, some kits you dont have to do any mods, but if you start pushing alot of boost your going to have to replace the internals of the engine so that it will hold up. TRD exhaust is just an axle-back so you probably only get like a 1-3 hp gain, but its all personal taste
    Honestly, if you want to go turbo sometime, I would hold up on getting stuff to make your car go faster. Yeah intake and header and stuff will add a few horses, but your gonna have to get rid of that stuff when you go turbo.

    So I would start with suspension and drivetrain first. Things like springs, sway bars, clutch/flywheel, engine internals. Haha, but if you have the money for I/H/E now and turbo later, go for it!
    remember, if you're going to go turbo, you are going to spend more than what it actually says for the turbo at where ever you are going to buy it from. I would start slow. Intake, Header, Exhaust, Pulley, and after that. Get a new clutch/flywheel and some new pistons.
    what is a header and a pulley...what's the difference between the trd exhaust and other ones out there...o and what's a fly wheel. yeah i deff wana start slow cuz i'm new to this plus i don't have money for a turbo but i will next summer
    since your new on modding..start learning about the parts you want. before you get them.. so that you'll have knowledge on what are the ups and downs of that part. just to be on the safe side.....for a start you can go springs...I/H/E.
    headers are the pipes that take the exhaust gasses down to your exhaust. they are the pipes you see underneath that ugly cover. pulleys are what the serpentine belts run on. do a TON of reasearch before you jump into anything. also if you have a manual then the flywheel is a heavy gear thats attached on the crank that smoothes the motor out. you can swap em for a lighter one so the motor will spin faster!
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