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Spark Plug Wires

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    I was wondering if anyone here has gone and upgraded their spark plug wires. I have been looking online and i'm not really finding anything but Nology. I was wondering if NGK, MSD, Taylor, or Moroso was anygood, and if they make a 8.5-9.0 gauge wire replacement and will work well with tC's. If anyone has had any experience w/ any of these or can make a good suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    well the reason why no one makes plugs and wires for the tc is because its pointless. we have whats called coil on plugs and its a direct connection from the sprark to the plug and faster than any aftermarket product. Nology is the only company making them but there only for looks and not really worth it!
    I was wondering why that was and that makes a lot of sense now. I'm still learning the tC, so I thank you for the feedback. I will take that off of my to-do list of mods. Thanks!
    ^^ good idea..

    the stock coil on plug system works the best
    no problemo...nology wires would look stupid under the hood of an azul pearl anyways! like the color but those bright blue wires just wouldnt match the car haha!
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