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Differences between 05-06 and 07-10 2AZ-FE

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    I haven't found a coherent list of differences between the old/new 2az-fe so I figured I'd post this up

    To my knowledge, the 2007 2az update included:

    -piston oil squirters
    -upped compression ratio from 9.6:1 to 9.8:1
    -more aggressive cam profile
    -longer,equal length exhaust manifold runners
    -relocated o2 sensor
    -relocated MAF sensor
    -updated intake manifold
    -updated throttle body
    -updated intake camshaft
    -ecu tweak
    -updated piston ring design (07-09)

    IMO the 05/06 tC's sound better than the 07-10's. I think is mostly due to the 05/06 header having slightly unequal length runners. I'm planning on swapping in a 05/06 oem header into my 09' if I can get my hands on one. That should make it sound more like a subie and less like a civic lol

    If anyone has a spare header lying around that they'd wanna send my way lmk
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    thank you for putting that list together! I'm a mod here, going to make that a sticky!

    EDIT: should add that they also used lower tension piston rings which led to the oil consumption issue, not sorted out until about 09. Some will get the oil consumption while others don't.
    forgot about that, thanks
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