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Throttle Delay Fixed

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    basically I just added layers of duct tape onto the pot thing where the pedal rests until I could idle normally and cover the dead spot.. the increased throttle response has dramatically improved I suggest you guys try this out on your free time cuz damn, it worked for me and I'm usually skeptical as hell when I hear about "quick fixes"
    lol idk wat the pot thing is, and this works for automatic right?
    the pot thing is a small plastic circle that the gas pedal rests on, you gotta feel around for it. yea it should work for autos as well.. great fix. it's like driving the tC for the first time all over again, but with better response.. I wonder what this fix along with grounding wires would do? gotta love cheap effective mods
    ^^As long as you have a gas pedal
    a crapload of people viewing this post but nobody replying?
    nice fix but im not gona put a duct tape on my ride.
    An SC would also help with that delay
    boysie wrote:
    nice fix but im not gona put a duct tape on my ride.

    it's not that noticeable but the delay fix isn't for the drive-by-wire it's for the gas pedal
    I dunno but wouldnt tightening the Throtle Cable help with the responce issue? LOL...and i agree i dont wanna be putting duct tape on my car....remember what X to the Z Xzibit duct tape on your cars...LOL.

    but non the less good work in finding a solution.
    We don't have a throttle cable broseph....

    We have electronic drive-by-wire.

    And as for the duct's a little piece that noone would ever see anyway. I'm trying it tomorrow....hopefully my Demon eyes will arrive so I can do them too!
    You guys are making me feel like the boy who cried wolf but yea, just read the thread on SL and at least give it a try.. if the increased response is all in my head i'll be quiet about it.
    oh shit for real? LOL i havent even fittled w/anything under the hood yet, lol...ive only had the car 2 weeks, lol. explain to me what exactly a piece of duct tape is going to do? Fill in a gap or pull the throtle pedal some where?

    Also since we are talking about responce....and torgue is part of responce.....I wounder if there are and torgue converters out there for us.
    hey i tried the duct tape thing and it worked really well thanks man
    Thanks for the tip Vicious! Will this affect my idle in any-way? As in will it raise idle or lower idle? Il do this first thing in the morning!
    make sure to do this when your car's done warming up so you can tell if it's f-'ing up the idle or not.. after the duct tape wore off on mine I just taped a dime to the plastic pot thingie with one layer of duct tape and it responds great! stock idle too
    Vicious I totally believe you. I understand the mechanics of how this would help to solve the problem. I've heard of other people using foam tape as well. I plan on doing this or a similar fix when I get the time.

    FOr anyone who doesn't feel a delay, with the car running, get out and slowly depress the gas pedal with your hand. You can depress the pedal about 1/8 inch without any throttle response. So its actually the pedal angle sensor that isn't sensing the throttle
    Finally people are starting to believe me!!! -tears of joy-
    This is the same thing as holding the pedal down slightly (around 1,000RPM) before taking off.
    Not exactly 1000rpm. If u play with the gas pedal a little bit with no duct tape or rubber mod .. it can wiggle back and forth with no gas reaction. This mod makes it so the wiggle is eliminated and u can barley push the pedal with instant gas.

    If u do this mod right it will stay right on stock idle. If u over-do this mod it will increase idle.
    yup, my idle stays at 650rpms but responds alot quicker now.. i plan on trying the clutch stop to see if it's as effective as the gas pedal fix
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