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What quick/easy/nonexpensive/ mods to do for my engine

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    • Jun 07, 2010 7:30:26 pm
    I need help on deciding what type of modifications to do on my engine. i am new at this im only 17 and i need help
    • Jun 07, 2010 7:58:38 pm
    Motor mounts,
    • Jun 07, 2010 8:01:21 pm
    get intake or header if you want a nice looking engine bay
    • Jun 07, 2010 8:18:56 pm
    what kind and how much wuld they cost
    • Jun 07, 2010 9:13:51 pm
    Its not really for your engine but if you want your car to feel amazing, get a progress sway bar. it is relatively cheap under 200, and you will feel like your driving a totally different car. also if you have a 5speed, you should try a megan short shifter. those are the two mods i wish i would have gotten first... i started with intake and exhaust, and yeah they sound good but these things are something you can really feel everyday when you drive . megan short shifters are around 60 dollars.
    • Jun 07, 2010 9:16:33 pm
    air diversion panels are pretty cheap...
    • Jun 07, 2010 9:38:02 pm
    SPD_RCR wrote:
    air diversion panels are pretty cheap...

    what do the air diversion panels help do?
    • Jun 07, 2010 10:29:11 pm
    Cheap? Add tons of HP? Lower the weight of your car?...


    Get one ASAP!!! I heard they are running out soon.
    • Jun 07, 2010 11:25:55 pm
    SoCalCory wrote:
    Cheap? Add tons of HP? Lower the weight of your car?...


    Get one ASAP!!! I heard they are running out soon.

    LOL! With the deluxe version, you only need to be going 58 MPH.

    Intake, air diversion panels, etc.
    • Jun 08, 2010 5:53:44 am
    just engine and not looks? can do CAI or air diversion panel, strut bar.
    quick way for looks, get some tint and springs. =)
    • Jun 08, 2010 7:41:27 am
    JDMmalana wrote:
    SPD_RCR wrote:
    air diversion panels are pretty cheap...

    what do the air diversion panels help do?

    It helps to direct more air toward the radiator... its not a horsepower gain or anything but it does help keep the engine bay a lil cooler... mostly for looks though, covers that space between your radiator and the front of the bumper
    • Jun 08, 2010 9:15:48 am
    On the wife's tc we wanted to do a clean mod track and do it slowly as she learns the different types of mod stuff out there. this is her first car to mod and it is upto her, but I have done a few and am guiding her.
    The first thing we did was install a Short Shift kit to improve the shifting of the car (does not add power, but quickens shift). The next thing we did was add some personal touches. We installed a full third brake light to make it look cool in the tail. The latest was a Cold Air Intake.

    Thread that shows install:CAI on tc

    do a search and you can find some cool things.
    • Jun 08, 2010 9:25:48 am
    Look on the forum for used parts like an Intake,header, air diversion panel,exhaust. There are a lot of people parting out to go turbo. I bought all my parts used and they still perform as if I had bought them new.
    • Jun 13, 2010 8:45:57 am
    *short ram intake (sri) - sits in side the engine bay. sounds little bit louder and adds power.

    *cold are intake (cai) - pipes lead into fender and draws fresh air from out side rather then the hot air heated from your engie. soundls little bit louder and adds more power than sri (different peoples opinion)

    with either or intakes you can check ebay for cheap ones for around $100 or go with brand name ones (aem, injen, trd, k&n, fujita, etc) for around $300. the difference is 1-3hp.

    *headers - bigger means more airflow means more power. not much different between styles and brands just people opinions on them. again ebay sells them cheaper than brand names. $100-$400. car will sound high pitch louder, called rasp.

    *s pipe / down pipe - goes on after headers. same deal here. bigger means more power. this cost about the same a headers.

    *cat back exhaust - goes on after s pipe. same deal again. bigger means more power. price varies from brand and is usually from $200-$500. car will sound louder.

    *axel back exhaust - just the back end of the cat back exhaust. the muffler. frees up air flow. car will sound louder.

    bigger means more power. you cant go too big or it will work agains you. a safe bet in size of piping from you headers to the end of your exhaust system (the muffler) is 2.5".

    *poly mounts - prevents your engine from shaking around when your trying to put the power to the wheels. doesnt give you power but helps deliver it. $150ish.

    *radiator cooling / deversion plate - helps direct the cool air coming into the engine through the radiator. looks cool and gives you a spot to put stickers/decals. completely useless unless you are turbo. your engine wont generate enough heat and if it does your better off with a bigger aluminum radiator and electric fans.

    *engine dampener - works like the polyurethane motor mounts. helps deliver power to the wheel by preventing the engine from rocking back and forth. easier to install then poly mounts though but the unit will wear down and need to replace after a while. $200.

    thats all the POWER mods i cant think of that are cheap and effective. next step will be $1500 super charger or $1500-$3000 turbo kits.

    most people frown at this... but i would just stick with ebay stuff. intake, headers, s pipe, cat back exhaust. these are all stationary parts so the chances of it failing or breaking is just as good as brand name stuff. some people will say that you dont get as much power from these ebay parts compared to brand name parts. but your looking at a 1-5hp difference at a $100-$300 price difference.
    • Jun 13, 2010 11:00:55 am
    ^ we only have 1 headeR. if you want to spend money on ebay "Stainless steel" with crappy welds then go ahead. things like ebay intakes and griless and stuff are one thing cause an intake is just a pipe, but when it comes to perfect fitting exhausts, good welds, bends, dont wanna trust ebay.

    and bigger isnt always better
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