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2005 tC won't crank, good starter

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    • Feb 11, 2018 2:01:32 pm
    I just did a motor swap on my 2005 TC. I hooked up everything by the book and I have one little problem. The battery is good the starter is good the relays are good and the fuses are good. But the starter won't crank the motor. The starter relay clicks and then nothing. I know the starter is getting power because I tried to jump-starting the starter directly and it does the same thing. I took the starter out and went to get it tested three times and it passed every time. But for some reason in the car it doesn't do anything. Please any advice or tips would be much appreciated.
    • Feb 12, 2018 12:00:34 am
    you did the engine swap, did you use the same transmission? Might not be contacting the gear teeth in the flywheel/flexplate.. That would stop it from starting. If that is jammed in, starter wouldn't make any noise.
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