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1/8 miles dezod turbo s1 with 18" continentals 50% thread

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    so got to go to the track weather around 85 hot as F*** sweating got some okay runs. lauch at 1.5 rpm wheel hop or burning out in 1st gear and 2nd when shifting... any idea to reduce it i shift fast in transition.... tires were kinda worn so maybe could break 9 even one day???? but pic below fastest was 9.4 first run barley even burned out....

    some cars i missed the 2nd shift messed up pretty bad and ran 11.2 but other then that avg is about 9.6sec i guess idk if thats fast or not...

    mustangs 5.0
    van lancer

    for being turbo a 9.4 is not that fast. I was doing 9.4 N/A with intake header n exhaust. Motor mounts help reduce lots of wheel hop. You definetly need some good tires for traction. My best 60' with street tires is a 2.1 you also need to practice. When I first went to the track i was doing 9.7 then the more I prectice i got the better my times got.
    damn bro on pure stock on imade 10.4 it was hard to break out of 10s for me idk if its me or not but i know i coulnt get 1st gear traction worth anything
    It takes time to parctice. I use to go almost every other week to the drag strip. The first time I went to the track. I just had intake n exhaust n I was doing 9.8.
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    PS...go back when you are prepared. 9.4 is slow, what boost and power are you putting down again?

    When I did drag runs back in the day, 8-8.5psi would net an 8.2-8.4sec run on DR's.
    1st off, when youre racing get rid of the 18's. That'll knock off some time right there. If you can't get the bushings, an ETD from companies like Ingalls should help. I had one and I noticed a difference in my launches. Make sure you line it with Dynamat to help with the vibrations. Also, practice your launches. I find that slipping the clutch works best for me.
    Im currently 269whp on mustanf dyno with 250tq... Yeah will 17x9 be beter since width will catch grip or 17x8.... I do slip the clutch when i get that lil roll i stomp in it but it just wont grip as good when i shift to 2nd thats when i start reeling in
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