OK, here is my second post reporting my results of using other great tC users DYI posts. After replacing my TBL yesterday I decided to fix the garnish piece because when I removed the covering parts and replacing the light I found the garnish -which was already broken- is tighten to the body with only one screw!! However I pulled the helpful post by "danyo" and followed it to fix the garnish... amazing work and I feel so proud that I could fix two different problems in two days and saved a LOT of money that was going to the dealer!! It took me pure work on the garnish around two hours and the hardest part was unscrewing the three broken ones. I would suggest to use two parts: the adjustable wrench to hold the screw from inside and plier to unscrew it from outside. Thanks to my neighbor who helped me after more than an hour trying by my self using regular 10 mm wrench and a plier. After that everything was easy and actually I enjoyed it. I put it bak after 6 hours and I tighten it gently till I give it another 10 hours and tighten it little further. Again, thanks tC users!!

P.S.: After I removed the garnish it started raining so I used the black garbage bag to cover the trunk and prevent the rain from getting inside ;)