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Fog light wiring help

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    ok, i know there are alot of threads asking this and that about how to wire fog lights.. but none of them helped. i got my jdm side vent fog lights from amazon and they pretty much come like every other wire setup except for one flaw. from the relay it splits to the actual lights then it splits to the internal with a white wire, harness for the switch and... this red wire that im supposedly supposed to connect to a hot wire from the ignition? this is were im confused and dont know where exactly to connect the 2 wires together cuz im not no electrician. all help would be highly appriciated
    I connected it to the big fat blue wire under the driver side... you cant miss it. Would include pics but i sold my tc
    I used to have these, I connected the red wire from the fogs to the brown parking light wire.

    Here's a thread I made back when I had them: Link, hopefully it helps.
  • 3 posts
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