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Water Pump (with DIY)

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    A few weeks ago I was attending a carshow event in Corning, NY. A few hrs into the carshow I left the engine running to allow my battery to stay charged because I was running my neons. A passerby stopped to admire my tC and was inspecting my engine detail and approached me and asked if this was my car. I replied yes it is. He replied back man this is an awesome ride and its so clean, but I wanted to let you know that your water pump is leaking. I looked at him w/ astonishment and said really, would you mind showing me. He brought me over to the front of my tC and pointed out that under the alternator and pullies where the water pump is located was in fact slowly dripping fluid. He also pointed out that my overflow was almost bone dry. I looked at him and said I had no idea it was leaking or the overflow was bone dry. I had just had my oil changed not too long before that and nothing was mentioned to me. So I asked one of our friends that was there w/ us at the carshow and he came over and looked at my car and gave me the same news. He works at a cardealship in Ithaca, NY. So the following day I called the dealership where I had purchased the tC from and told them the problem, and they told me to bring it down immediately. After sitting around the dealership for awhile the mechanic came back and informed me that my water pump was in fact leaking and so was the seal. He said the Scions and Camrys are notoriously known for leaking. I looked at him and said I had just purchased this car last November w/ 11,300 miles on it andit has 15,600 miles on it now. Why would the water pump be going now? He replied back to me, I was lucky that I got that many miles out of it, they have been known to go even sooner.

    Thank god I paid for an extended warranty. He told me I would have been looking at around $400.00 for the part, plus the cost of the gasket and the labor. He also said that since the late 90's and early 2000's the Camry's have had this problem and the Scions as well. He replied back it is a problem w/ Toyota and the R&D at Toyota.

    Just thought I would pass this information along to those on here who have Camry engines and to be on the look out for this problem.

    wow, so much for reliablity....

    One of my friends had the same problem.

    Other than water leaking, what are the other ways to tell that your water pump is defective?
    Not really too sure. This is the first tC and import I have ever owned. From what I gathered my leak was slow enough that its was evaporating before it actually dripped on the ground. If I had noticed the overflow getting low, I would have questioned it sooner. If I were you if your in question, I would take it in and have it looked at and seriously keep an eye on any leaks or the overflow. I was more afraid of either overheating my engine, or blowing it up, or getting stranded someplace. Thank god i'm covered under the 100,000 miles warranty, and have free towing through my insurance agency.
    my friend had to get his water pump replaced too.

    I was just wondering what i should look out for, since this appears to be a common problem.
    If you only have 15,000 miles on the car, it should have been covered anyway by the 36,000 manufacturers warranty and would have no need for the extended warranty until the initial 36,000 miles were up. I also had the Platinum extended coverage but anything that broke was repaired under the 36,000 mile warranty free of charge.
    I have been noticing alot of water leaking from under the car recently but ppl keep telling me it's probably just from having the a/c on. How can you tell the difference? Anyone know? And pix of the reserve tank also so we know which to check if it's getting lower. Thanks
    The reserve tank is connected to the radiator by a hose that comes off the side of the radiator cap.

    To tell the difference between coolant and AC condensate, touch the drip ... coolant is a little slippery. Smell it, coolant smells a little sweet. Look at the color, most coolant is green, but could be yellow, red, blue or purple. Lastly .... and this is typically a guy thing, taste it! Coolant is sweet, but poisonous so don't taste too much, LOL.
    Well if your running the A/C water is going to drip anyhow, that is a given. I unfortunatly did not take any pics of this, although I do have the receipt from the dealership for the work being done. I would smell/taste the fluid coming from your car. Or look for a pinkish color around the water pump itself or on the ground. If anyone is unsure please contact your mechanic or dealership and ask them. This is not a made up story and I am just trying to help others out cuz I had this problem and don't want to see anyone get stranded out there. I do not know if the 08/09 Camry's/tC's have this problem or not, or if this issue has been resolved.
    Water pumps leaking on the 2azfe motor is very common.I have 24,000 on mine and I had to replace it already. In most cases the coolant will not hit the ground. The leak is so small it will dry under the pump. The coolant will dry either pink or red in color. A good indication you have a leak is your overflow bottle will continuously become low.
    Ac drainage is normal. The fluid will be clear in color since it is only water.
    Thanks for the info!
    I know I haven't been a member of this group for all that long, but is it just me or hasn't this topic been mentioned yet in the forums? Or am I the first one?
    ^You're the first one. I have had my alternator off and water pump pulley off to install my NST kit and noticed nothing. I had 83K on my car but installed the NST kit at around 70K.

    I recently installed my mishimoto radiator, lower and upper radiator hoses and new 170 thermostat and noticed absolutely no residue of leaks anywhere on the block.

    Also, Cadence....the pump that they are charging you 400$ for is a 60$ pump at Autozone (OEM quality with seal) and after you remove the alternator, it takes about 30 minutes total for install. The dealer will always rip you on something like this. But, since it's under warranty, oh well .

    Good thing it was caught when it was. I may change mine at 100K along with the alternator and battery as well, but that's another 17K

    Be sure that when I do, I'll make a DIY for everyone!
    ^^ I had 40500 miles on mine and i didn't have any problems either so I've never even heard of this issue.
    Thank You WEB, I am glad that everyone knows this and that not all cars/trucks are flawless. Just would like to keep our members aware of some problems and help pass along what knowledge we have to help others out.
    Glad you posted this b/c as it was the first time for Andino to hear this, it was mine as well. I just never noticed any fluid on the side of my block at all from the multiple times I've been around it.

    so to watch for this all i have to do is keep an eye on the one with pink fluid in it/engine coolant and make sure it doesnt get lower faster>>
    im at 50k miles and my shop thats doing the engine work advised me to get a new oil and water pump
    ^You're also boosted so both those components work MUCH harder on your engine than an NA. It's just common practice to upgrade those parts (well, at least it's better practice) when you boost.
    Well, a few weeks ago I popped my hood and saw some coolant spray on the side of the mishimoto radiator and the lower radiator hose. It seemed to be coming from the cap but I couldn't not tell 100%. I saw some spray on the waterpump pulley, alternator pulley and A/C pulley as well. I cleaned it up and hadn't seen anything since.

    Well, after the cruise Saturday, we were holding 80 mph on the highway for about 35 miles and I think the pressure was spraying a bit of coolant from the waterpump gasket. I went to NY yesterday so my car was sitting all day. I came home and started it up and heard a slight howling sound from the belt area. I was curious so I opened the hood and noticed the same spray.

    I inspected the cap but it wasn't from there at all b/c it was bone dry. The reservoir was at the proper level so it wasn't leaking from there either. I looked at the lower radiator hose and saw a clean line sprayed on it and the radiator. I looked at the pulley and saw the waterpump pulley has coolant residue dried on the inside of it and on the edges. I don't see it on the block so I believe rather than leaking at the gasket now, it must be leaking at the bearing itself.

    I am going to drive the car "normally" throughout the winter months (if the pump lasts that long) b/c under normal conditions, I don't have ANY spray at all or howling. I think that only when it's under full pressure for such a long time, the bearing (being 86K miles worn) is just weakening and seeping coolant out through the seal. If it lasts until spring, I'm going to do my belt tensioner and waterpump together and get them over with. I'll keep you all updated.
    Here's ours:

    Looks like it's s simple O-ring seal at the base (which requires no sealant and that's a good thing for easier installation with less mess). Mine's not leaking from the o-ring but I am almost 100% sure it's from the bearing seal at the top near the impeller shaft. The good thing though.....that's Amsoil coolant I have has a chemical in it that helps seal minor leaks as I drive . It doesn't leave deposits but when cooled, it turns to more of a gel form rather than pure liquid. When heated again, it goes right back to its water-like consistency.

    Not too expensive either....range between 55$-80$ depending where you go. That's a nice price for such an important piece of your cooling system.
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