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DIY: Cabin filter install (careful 56K)

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    Woo! Another satisfied customer
    is this the same for the 2011 tc's
    Not sure bc I haven't taken one apart yet. Who wants to be the guinea pig? Haha
    Wow. I was too lazy to check on here for some deals online and just bought the filter at the dealership! I haven't changed mine in like a year and half! lol
    i'm gonna give it a try when i get off work later
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    Vicious wrote:
    why did toyota make this slot for a filter but didnt bother putting one in? and is there any difference with having the filter on? :o

    I actually asked and got this answered by someone I know at Toyota. The reason they left the filter out, was the air flow through the tC. I use a filter, and have since 07. When you put your filter in, you will see that you will tend to run probably 1 level higher blower speed. I used to run mine on 2 or 3 and now I use 3 or 4.

    Back to my answer.... They felt that here in the states, the people generally want real good a/c and air flow from the vents. In their tests they felt that the filter restricted air flow too much for the average person. That is what I was told. and as you see in my previous statement, it makes sense too.

    All that being said, I have not had any issues with the blower, I have hear of people having blower motor noises, or failure in tC's but I have run a filter for 4 years and 75k miles. (sorry, may be more like 73k miles, as I didn't have it in the whole time.)


    For everyone that is doing this for the first time, keep in mind this filter will probably get dirty faster than your engine air filter. At least, mine has. I have needed one every other oil change at best, and my engine air filter usually goes every third. I do take the cabin filter out and tap it out on the driveway once or twice too. It is amazing how much crap it stops from blowing into the car.
    Hey thats awesome thanks for the info on the blower motor I will have to check my Tc and see if its the same setup
    am i reading right? some tcs dont come with a cabin air filter? Mine did, replaced it the other day after 2 years of having the car now, and it was dirttttttty
    Anyone else have problems with stuff noses and smelling air conditioning/heat? I don't even have allergies but man this cheap mod makes a huge difference.

    I Finally got around to putting a filter in and man it's great. I just did what web did but I also sprayed the filter lightly with some "new car" turtle cleaner spray stuff. I took it out for a quick spin and this is by far one of my best mods to date. My girlfriend has allergies and I think she'll love this as well.

    Thanks web for a great DIY.

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