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DIY: Cabin filter install (careful 56K)

    BlazednSleepy wrote:
    ^^thanks for the reply..i just got a 3m filtrete maximum allergen reduction filter and im gonna put it on tonight when it cools down and see how it goes..

    Thanks for the responses Dispatcher...

    Blazed...yeah, make your own b/c you can make 4 for the price of 1 filter that way. Change them every 3 months and 1 big filter will last you all year! The pink in the OEM one is just the cotton dye they use. Nothing special.
    Web wrote:
    I just changed mine last night from the spring time. That sh*t was grungy!

    I bought a 16x20x1 3M Filter (purple lable for 15$) and it was the ultra allergen filter for pollen, smoke and dust mites. Trimmed the out edges off and stripped the metal screening away. Cut it into 4 squares the size of the last filter I got (or just measure the inside of the tray where it sits) and now I have 1 in the car and 3 more filters ready to go for the same price I paid for the "direct replacement" one . That old one was just a particulate filter so smoke and some smaller spores/pollen and mites got in. This should keep all of them out

    This DIY is awesome...I think I might do it this weekend. Is this the filter that you are talking about?? I'm not so sure if it is.
    thanks man! I'm on my way to get it!
    OK. So I bought the filter, and cut it enough to fit the cabin....It was so easy! now, as Web said, I have 3 more filters for the price of one! I drove around for a while this morning, and the air difference is definitely worth it! I would recommend the 3M High Performance Filter. It sells for $19.97 at Home Depot, and its good for people with allergies and protects from foul smells!
    Anyone with allergies can really appreciate this, especially if you live in an area with excess pollen.

    My contact lenses thank me too.
    anyone know why my air vents are sweating? especially at night time when its humid? water builds up around the vents also when i turn right sometimes i feel drips hitting my feet
    ^If it's humid and your vents are blowing cold air, the warmer, humid air will condense and cause water to form around the vents. Natural atmospheric effect.
    but its ALOT and why would i feel dripping near my feet?
    there is also a vent that blows to the feet and some cold air gets there and causes condensation.

    It's not a bad idea (when possible) to run the vents on fan with air from outside and no AC to blow some of that moisture out.

    When it collects over the years it starts to smell funny. (moldy)
    The dealer just installed a New Cabin Filter & Blower motor as part of a silent recall because my Wife was having small chunks of white particles (definately not DUST!) coming out of the vents at her. Its a 2007 Scion TC. I didn't think it would be that bad until one morning I had to move her car. I sat in there and AC was set to full blast without me knowing it I turned on the car and had those particles shoot me right in the eyes. Now I see why she is complaining, or should I say I can't see now, heh. The white particles are all over the place in the car. After the dealer installed the filter and motor I thought all would be well. Well, it is not. Still the same problem and I would rather diagnosis it myself. I'm going to see if the knucklehead even put in a cabin filter. Sounds like he didn't because I would think that could be the only reason why this stuff is flying all over.

    I would have just installed the cabin filter myself, but her car being newer I rather not work on it since I didn't feel like breaking something.

    Anyone have this problem with WHITE Particles all over the place? Its different than just Dust, because my S10 doesn't have this problem and to my knowledge they don't have a cabin filter.
    Never seen the white particles in my car. Make sure the suction vent (on the passenger side windshield cowl) doesn't have any soggy paper or white debris in it. You'll notice that the passenger side cowl has slots and a screen for air travel from the outside so check for debris in there.

    Also, does this happen when you have it on recirculate or just regular?
    just did this today...worked out greatt....thanks web
    NP, glad it helped
    i didnt put a filter in, but i put in two coconut scented tree air fresheners in that area, yum!!!
    made my own and thank you, i have a friend that is pretty high up there in Toyota so i will ask him why no cabin ass
    beedee wrote:
    i didnt put a filter in, but i put in two coconut scented tree air fresheners in that area, yum!!!

    Haha, nice. When I put my filter in, I put in a Black Ice freshener too. Now I love the smell when I turn the AC on!
    cut up my own filter today after i read the pamphlet my dealership gave me.i cant believe the dealerships charge 60 bucks to put these in. how stupid do they think scion owners are?
    Not just Scion/Toyota owners but CAR owners. They will give the dealerships full reign of their cars b/c they think they are getting a deal.
    that sucks but then again i've never had a cabin filter in any of my cars

    also i'm gonna try putting an air freshner in too. i still have the scion one the dealership gave to me in plastic along with the ones they gave me with the scion catalog book.
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