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DIY: Oil Change (1st gen)

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    • Edited 1 times, last by Web on .
    This is for those who aren't sure if they can change their own oil or if this is their first car and they want to learn how to do a few things. Hope this helps.

    Tools needed:
    -14mm socket
    -oil drain pan
    -filter wrench (not sure the size but get one by matching an OEM filter up to one in an auto shop)
    -10" wrench extension to use with the oil filter wrench
    -4.2 quarts of your oil choice and a new filter

    1)Loosen the oil fill cap before starting. This will prevent an air lock and will help the oil flow faster, and easier.

    2)This point is where you position your floor jack (if you have one). If you don’t have one, use the scissor jack that came with the car on the passenger side lift point (located in your manual). Lift it up enough so that you can work under there.

    3)This is the oil drain plug on the oil drain pan (black). The bolt is a 14 mm bolt. Place oil catch pan under oil plug. Loosen oil plug and allow oil to drain. When oil is barely flowing anymore, replace the plug and tighten to a snug feel. DON’T OVER-TIGHTEN OR CROSS-THREAD THE INLET!!

    4)This will be your friend for the oil filter. Not exactly sure the diameter, but get an old filter or find one generic one at the store that fits your car and match up the cup to that filter. I use a 3/8” drive b/c that’s the tool set I have.

    5)Locate the oil filter (yours may be black if it’s the stock filter). Place the cup on the bottom of the filter with your wrench and extension (if necessary) attached. Loosen the filter. REMEMBER: RIGHTY TIGHTY, LEFTY LOOSY. Let oil drain slowly as you start to unscrew it. When loosened completely, remove old filter and clean off engine block with microfiber cloth or rag. Add a little bit of oil (dip your finger in a quart and apply) to the new filter’s black rubber o-ring. **This prevents the filter from getting stuck for the next interval due to high heat and pressure. At this point, I add a little oil in the filter (enough to fill it ½ way), match the thread back up with the filter thread and engine thread. Screw on and make sure filter sits flush. When your turning begins to feel snug, give it another ½ - ¾ turn. DON’T OVER TIGHTEN OR YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO GET IT OFF NEXT TIME. TIGHT, BUT NOT WRENCHED ON. ***Do this by hand and not with the filter wrench.

    Lower your car.

    LAST: Go back to where you loosened the fill cap in the engine bay and add 4 quarts of your desired oil. Replace the cap, start car, let idle for 1-2 minutes and check for leaks.

    Removing the maintenance required light goes like this:

    Make sure the ODO reading is set on the car
    -Press and HOLD the mile reset button and turn the key to the ON position (still holding the button)
    -Keep holding the button until you see ALL 0s (000000)
    -Let go of the button and turn the car off

    Setting your mileage counter
    -Again, make sure the ODO reading is set on the car
    -Press and HOLD the mileage reset button and turn the key to ON
    -Dashes will appear (-----)
    -Each dash represents 1000 miles so if you have 5 dashes, the next reading will be set to 5000 miles...adjust it how you prefer
    awesome write-up
    Great job Web! This helps a lot.
    Glad to hear it.
    good write up.. dont forget scion gives out 3 free oil changes
    dumb do you know how much 4 quarts is, and should i buy a performance filter? how will i know which filter fits?
    rimjay wrote:
    dumb do you know how much 4 quarts is, and should i buy a performance filter? how will i know which filter fits?

    is this your 1st time?

    if you buy it at walmart or auto zone they have a book or computer there that will tell you what filter is made for the car.

    You can buy TRD performance oil filters for a responsible price at… I tend to stay away from FRAM… K&N is also another I would use. You buy oil by the quart so I would be 4 bottles of 1quart each.
    yea, its my first time.

    how much does 1 quart usually cost for full synethetic, lets say amsoil or mobile 1?
    wow I can't belive where the oil filter is usualy on the Jap cars they are in the worst spots....
    i dont think thats a bad spot. i mean its right by the oil drain plug, close to the front of the car
    U just have to jack up the car... about $3.5 to $7
    no its in a awesome spot
    ^yo lets change our oil together if you can find that hydrolic jack lol

    how long does this usually take?

    and what oil do you recommened?
    1/2 hour tops just got to let the car cool down
    Oh, someone told me this but I never stopped to figure out if it was true: that once you switch your oil to synthetic, you can't go back to non-synthetic? :o
    yea. once you got synthetic, cant go back to regular. something about something in the valves expanding due to synthetic, and if you go regular, youll get leaks...somethin like that lol
    Nope............old wives tale..........You can go back and's not "suggested" b/c there "can" be leaks that happen later on, can go back to conventional.

    Amsoil will run you about 9$ a quart...that's what I use and I'll never use any other.
    This thread rocks. I'm never having someone change my oil again.
    ...yeah, it's real easy and not worth paying anyone to do.
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