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DIY: Emissions hoses to valve cover (1st gen)

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    By now, all first-gen tCs are getting pretty old, and the emissions hoses between the valve cover and intake tract are getting hard and tend to crack at the ends. You can make them out of regular old heater hose and fuel line hose, but those don't go around the corners as nicely as the factory molded hoses.

    The important info here is the Toyota part numbers for the emissions hoses on 1st gen tC. The online parts guides for these are confusing AF and it's hard to figure out which is which. I finally sorted it out by looking at the photos and taking my chances on ordering what I thought were the right ones (they were):

    * The one that plugs into the left end of the valve cover and goes to the intake plenum is: 12262-28080

    * The one that plugs into the back of the valve cover at the PCV valve and goes to the intake manifold is: 12262-0H010

    To change the hoses, pull the old ones off, swap the old clips onto the new ones and plug the new ones in.
    Thanks Boku for the post! Yeah it's true, things don't last forever. My valve cover gasket has dried up/cracked, started leaking. When I get it repaired the emissions hoses you mentioned are going to get replaced! Yes the parts as of 11/2021 are still available from Toyota.
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