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Stubborn Oil Filter? A Nice Simple Fix

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    • Jul 07, 2010 7:48:57 pm
    Not all oil filters have a slot which allow for a wrench and even when hand tightening you can still have to deal with a heck of a seal created by oil and heat.

    You should never take a mallet to your filter because you can damage your threads. Puncturing the filter with a screwdriver is messy and not needed.

    If you're using a traditional cup style wrench, you can certainly understand how the plastic and oil didn't leave for a lot of friction for getting that filter off even after cleaning both the filter and the cup wrench. What can you do as a solution?

    Drawer liner! Just place some liner in the filter cup and you'll instantly have the advantage of a rubber strap-tie and the ease and maneuverability of a cup-wrench.

    The drawer liner can be found at the dollar store and most grocery stores, so buy some extra and keep it around. If you have too much, then line your drawers or your glove box.
    • Jul 07, 2010 8:01:18 pm
    I've seen those at publix and wal-mart, but I never knew what they were for.
    • Jul 07, 2010 8:15:24 pm
    yea hammering a screw driver in there does get messy..some how oil got in my hair horrible hahah
    • Jul 07, 2010 8:28:13 pm
    True story, I changed my oil today and everything was easy until it came time to take off the filter. My cup wrench kept slipping so I Macgyver'd it over to my kitchen drawer and cut out a small section of liner (i'll replace it later, lol) and the filter came off in 5 seconds. Done and no mess.
    • Jul 08, 2010 4:10:42 pm
    I've noticed its much easier to unscrew when the car is warm still. Also, I only hand tighten the filter (I have strong death grip that some guys can't do.) If it is stuck; I use my Channel-lock plumming pipe/oil filter wrench that I got from Home Depot.

    Personally, I get the filter loose first but still let the filter hang before letting out oil.
    • Jul 08, 2010 4:20:14 pm
    you always hand tighten an oil filter anyway. doing anything else would just be ignorant and stupid.

    btw, i find these types of oil filter wrenches work best:

    adjustable to different sizes as well as it clamps down as you remove the filter so slippage doesn't happen.
    • Jul 08, 2010 5:09:34 pm
    Yeah, those wrenches work better and just as mentioned above, hand tightening always.

    Anyone stuck with the cheaper plastic cup-wrenches should find this post useful when in a bind. My current filter has a friction grip coating, so it shouldn't be a big deal next time.
    • Jul 08, 2010 6:50:27 pm
    thats why i always buy the Fram Toughguard because they have the black grippy crap on the bottom of them which makes it really easy to hand tighten or take them off by hand
    • Jul 08, 2010 8:38:36 pm
    yeah, I am using the Fram Toughguard 6x right now---used it before and had my cleanest change with it.
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