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    If you guys like to wash your car youself, I highly reccomend the shammy called THE ABSORBER. Its the best thing ever, it will dry your car spotless, and if it gets dirty just throw it in the wash. you can use it on just about anything. For 15 bucks, its the best thing for your car
    good lookin works great
    ya i bought mine like a year ago i love it, never go back to cow hide or whatever that shit was before, its pretty durable too i never throw it in the wash i jus rinse it and its good
    Yeah, the Absorber is great. Sometimes they'll go on sale for 10 bucks. When I was in high school back in 1992 I got a swimming shammy. Back then that towel was about 20 bucks and it was about half the size of the Absorber but they're they exact same thing. Swimmers used it to dry off between swims without getting a towel wet. The only thing you have to do every now and then is soak the Shammy in a slight salt water bath. The extra salt ions will keep it absorbing water alot faster. Basic chemistry.
    I was just telling my friend today to get this.. lol. It is the best drying tool for cars. You can ring it out when it gets too wet, wash it when it gets to dirty, and dry beautifully... well worth the investment. I've had mine for about 5 years I think...
    Where can you buy one?
    any auto store. Just ask someone or look by like the waxes and washes.

    I repeat, best thing I ever bought for washing my car... next to tire shine...
    THE ABSORBOR IS THE SHIT!!!! I got it at wal-mart for 12 bucks and loved it ever since!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    Forget the shammy, use a leaf blower

    That's what I do anyway. Works great
    WheelieGeek wrote:
    Forget the shammy, use a leaf blower

    this is what i used to do but it takes to long, i just use the shammy every one is talking about, well worth the investment,
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