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2 questions!

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    alright i have 2 simple questions for you guys.

    1. i just bought weather tech visors for my car (Saturday May 16) and i put them on, now when the window goes up it seems kinda tight. question is, is that normal?, will the visor eventually set in and everything will be fine? cause i don't want to replace the motor for my window if it burns out

    2. i just painted my calipers (Saturday May 16) with dupli-color caliper paint and was done around 8pm.. went for a quick drive around the block see if everything is working how long would it need to be dry till i wash my car because its cover in dust from being in the garage for 3 days???

    seems like the paint dries pretty fast and it had about 12 hrs plus to cure

    soooooooo can anyone give me some feedback??? thanks!
    not sure about your first question, but i gave my calipers a full day before i washed the car. there's no rush and it's certainly not worth repainting the calipers if the soap/water does take the paint off before it dries.
    true true...
    1- I have weathertech visor's...the window does Not seem tight when going up...U sure u stuck it in the right place???...LoL

    2- Only should be 2 hours dry time....then it says let cure for half a day orsomething...
    yea im pretty sure lol..i read the directions there is only one spot to put them so they will stay in properly
    the window is a little tight when it goes all the way up
    Question 1: I experience the same thing with my weathertechs. I can't use the auto up on the windows because they go back down thinking there is an obstruction. It might be luck of the draw because some people experience this and others don't. I've pulled mine out and reinstalled them several time to paint them or clean them, and the problem persists. I use my windows all the time (only have them up if its raining even in winter), and I've had them in for about a year and a half with no window motor issues. But its always in the back of my mind that the motors may burn out with time. Oh well...

    Question 2: 24 hours to allow paint to cure is plenty of time.
    interesting... i just used the liquid detailer i got, didnt expect the outcome to be so good but i wanted to wash the car already for it to really shine..didnt want to fuck up my calipers after just painted them a day ago..but ill wait

    I’ve got the weathertech visors and I don’t have a problem either, however they do move a little when the window goes up but no kind of restriction.

    You guys that are experiencing this, do you have pillars by any chance? If so this may be what is causing the visors to be a bit snug. I don’t have pillars so I can’t tell the difference but those that have both, can you have both the visors and the pillars without any issues? I’ve been thinking of adding some custom pillars but am unsure that there will not be a confliction with the visor.

    Anybody have both?
    FrAnkRYzzO wrote:
    tors may burn out with time. Oh well...

    Question 2: 24 hours to allow paint to cure is plenty of time.

    My rattle can of Duplicolor say 7 days to FULLY cure
    i just installed my weathertech visor yesterday and everything is alright, i don't have any tightness!! make sure you read the instructions, it's pretty easy to install so i don't see how can they be tight or anything!
    nice nice..i read the instructions.. and it just feels a little tight when the window comes down and goes up.. some ppl are saying they are having the same little problem that i have and some dont so who knows lol..but thanks for the info
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