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Skunk stain removal

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    Well, thank god this didn't happen to my tc...

    however it did happen to my moms lex rx300...

    Basically a skunk got scared and sprayed the side of my moms car, however she didn't know, and the spray dried onto the SUV....

    My question is:

    How do i remove the yellow staining from the skunk on the side of my car? I've tried kerosene and other polishers, and nothing worked... anyone know of anything in the market, or know of something that works?

    SKUNK STAIN REMOVAL! haha...if you guys know of ANYTHING plz post a reply, thanks for your help!
    Never heard of people's cars getting sprayed by skunks... try some goo gone and if all else fails use gasoline.. the shit is potent and it'll strip off watever wax you have on the car tho
    No go... i bought rubbing compound and polish, did a number on the clear coat.... it only slightly took it out, meaning this is a job for a proffesional, alot of sweat is gonna have to go into this job...

    Yeah we tried goo gone and gasoline, and kerosene already, if rubbing compond and such aren't gonna get it out...nothing will...

    Apparentley skunk's spray is acidic...and became part of the paint too quickly....
    good to know, try to steer clear of skunks
    Take about a teespone of bleach and put it into a steemer, steam the spot of the spray, the bleach will take and disinfect the smell, but if you use 2 much it will damage th epaint. I've had a simler thning happened
    eh i don't have a steamer... and the SMELL is non-existent...

    its a yellow stain...if i had a steamer i'd try your idea...

    but i wonder how much more powerful that is...compared to taking gritty compound and polish and scratching the clear coat like i did, and it STILL not working?
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